Everybody Gets a Senate Seat!

“Rod Blagojevich seriously considered asking Chicago heavyweight Oprah Winfrey to take over the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. ‘Nobody would assail this pick,’ he says in tapes recorded on Nov. 21, 2008. ‘It’s huge!’” [NBC Chicago]


She would never have taken it, she wouldn’t even take sainthood, if it were offered, Oprah is holding out for deification.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Man, I have never seen so many fascist retard buzzwords in one paragraph; Patriot, Freedom, Heritage, on and on and on.

@Prommie: D’ja see that Wal-Mart has Domo hats now?

@redmanlaw: Fuck, 7-11 had domo-cups, too. I’m not obscure anymore, I am gonna have to lose the Domo.

@Prommie: The Metal Underground site and fb thingie put out a message saying “tell everyone about us! We need to get the word out on this music.” To which I replied, “if everyone knew about it, it wouldn’t be underground anymore, would it?”

@redmanlaw: We should form a “Groucho Marx Club,” and then of course, refuse to join it.

T/J: your faithful Stinquer and Dodger fan may or may not be on CNN’s Situation Room today, wearing a tie approved by his wife. From the producer:
“Right now our piece on BP’s Alaska project, which we interviewed [Dodgerblue] for, is slated to air at 6:10pm ET / 3:10pm PT today.
As happened Friday, however, things are a bit fluid again today. So the story could slide later– or could slide out of the show again– depending on the news.
If it slides out again, I’ll update you as soon as possible. Thanks!”

tj/ Madame Butterfly tonight at the Santa Fe Opera. I may wear a fleece jacket and carry a raincoat (the place is covered, but open air) due to the weather, maybe take a blankie for snuggling with my date Mrs RML.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I’ll have a capsule review tomorrow. No liveblogging on the BB tonight.

Tj/ got stood up by some chi chi Flamenco show, only to slinque off through an awesome Bo-ho neighborhood with good local brews, a great selection of cheese and pates, and then an impromptu flamenco performance broke out by one of the many roving buskers. They were goood, and we were satisfied.

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