Germany v. England

2-1 at the half, and England was utterly and completely robbed of a goal that bounced down off the crossbar. Fucking refs …


You need not have worried about the refs. England give up the counterattack break. Mueller makes it Huns 3:1 ING-GER-LAND — oh, no, wait, now 4:1 to the Krauts.

[ADD: Not that it would have bothered the Daily Mirror, the Sun, the Daily Mail and other tabloids in Merrie Old from having a royal hissy-fit on Monday’s front pages.]

That bad call broke them, and this is the result.

@chicago bureau: The Limey defense makes the US look like the Great Wall of China. The Germans pwned them in the exact same break twice in three minutes.

/working on weekend Hotties post for anyone wondering

What’s that thing? A volleyball?

@SanFranLefty: Yo, Baby, yo, baby, yo! Did you get my soccer hottie pictures? I thiiiink they were all of the same dude except for the extra one.

@JNOV: Yep. I’m off to Pride events but will have some soccer beefcake this evening. I was just doing some “research” for the Hotties post.
Just FYI, if you want to send something just to me and not the boyz, Nojo gave me my vedddy own stinque address…. sanfranlefty [at] stinque [dot] com.

@Lefty/JNOV: found a full color spread on Cristiano in a local Madeileno rag that I’ll post to the sandbox eventually for you gals. Ma Nabisco thinks he’s ‘meh’, prefers the Tim Howard look. I’m buying Mickey Mouse gloves tomorrow…

Argentina v. Germany next round, aka the “Mengele Bowl.”

@Nabisco: AWESOME! See, he’s pretty, and there’s a place for pretty in this world. And then there’s the testosterone men, not the juicers, and there’s a place for them, too. Then there are the ones who make you nerdgasm (think professor crushes), and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s also a lot of overlap. I’d write more, but it’s not past prime time.

@Benedick: Play-by-play color commentary:

47 seconds in, overly earnest, fauxhawk wearing dude can’t seem to control the pelvic thrust, let alone find the beat. Gym, Laundry, Tan guy has akathesia, and can’t say still…

Long song intro – confuses dudes…


52 seconds in: dudes stretch their non-existent necks much like roosters. The hair compliments the chin thrusting and the poultry look. They’re the original white meat. One might be a thigh.

Still earnest while awaiting for the song to really get hot! (Note to guys: You can edit your videos so that they start at “Action” and not at “Pacing about in circles because we don’t know what do do until the beatbox gets wicked.”)


1:16: While we can hear the music fine, and we are anticipating the wonderfulness of audio bliss about to descend upon our ears, the ‘roids have not only shrunk their nuts – they have also damaged their hearing. Or maybe they’re still hunting for the beat…


1:38: I’ve come undone! How could one resist this interpretive dance that contains not only graphic (painful looking) pelvic thrusts but fist-to-cuffs as well? Gym/Laundry/Tan dude goes for the double fist pump. Beat still hidden from dudes, but there is still hope they will find it…


1:53: It appears that some Lord of the Dance kicking business has entered their routine. Well played, dudes! Way to bring the Irish and the Italians together. We should send them to the Middle East…


1:57: Ah, the breast stroke! Great addition to their synchronized dancing. Expect them in the pool any day…


2:04: Yes! Get along little doggies and smack that ass while you tap that ass, Cowboy!


2:12: Yes, jump around and hold your junk, because you don’t want that sock to pop out. Or maybe the herp burns in them jeans. Oh, and the self-ass-slap was pretty naughty. Good to see you’re secure in you sexual identity, faux hawk man!


2:18: Nice variation on Jazz Hands. Instead these are balls/titties/clit ticklers. Hard to tell. Nonetheless, nicely executed!


2:47: And CUT! They realized they were repeating previous awesome moves with less awesomness, and maybe they were a wee bit tired. I’m sure a protein shake would fix them right up.

Thank you, Benedick, for a wonderful time!

(Seriously, I might have to rip and modify this video.)

ETA: Poor souls never found the beat…

@mellbell: Oh, don´t get me started. Whoever thought the Continent was filled with beaufiful people (read: me) was seriously delusional. There are as many frumpy looking residents as in US Murrica, they just smoke more. And the service? There´s are reason they don´t expect tips on meals/drinks etc.

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