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U!S!A! will see if they can start playing in the first half of today’s do-or-die game against Algeria.

Bill Clinton visited the team in the locker room and gave them a pep talk.

If you’re at work you can watch the game on Univision’s website.


World Cup open thread below.

And a sneak-peak of a hottie after the jump.

Landon Donovan:


Let’s hope the Americans don’t wait until the second half to get engaged in the game.
And let’s hope that Nabisco found a teevee to watch the game.

ESPN announcers sound like they’re on tranquilizers. Time for some Univision.

I love it when Tim Howard’s Tourette’s is showing.

Off-sides? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

I love that the boys are discussing French movies on another thread while I watch sport here.

Opposite world today.

I suddenly feel like smoking Galoises.

@ManchuCandidate: US had yet another goal called back by shitty reffing, and are looking rather deflated.

FIFA refs are the most honest and dutiful of all refs…

Score goals, NOT FIELD GOALS, Altidor!

That buzzing in the background, kind of like a swarm of angry bees, that’s vuvuzelas?

@mellbell: Yes. After about ten minutes you don’t notice it any more.

I’m listening on the local ESPN radio affiliate. All of ’em are carrying all the games. If you live in a town without sports talk radio, try

GAH!!! How did that not go in??? Off the post!

Get that Algerian player an Oscar for the acting on that dive!

Dempsey elbowed in the face in the box ending up with a bloody mouth and no call?!?!?

@SanFranLefty: Your feed must be a few minutes ahead of mine, because I just saw that.

@mellbell: Well, then you’re about to see Altidor taken down from behind on a breakaway, which should have earned the Algerian a red card.

Did Sandy Eggo just get bombed? All the neighbors woke me up with their screaming.

I’ve been assimilated. That’s one big ass field. Oh, we won. Okay. Yay!

@nojo: That was the sound of me screaming 400 miles to the north of you

Shit, I need to get to work. What fucking heart the Americans had.

Awwww…the hooligans are crying.

Oh, and the balding hottie scored the goal!

@SanFranLefty: From the land of Serendip(ity), that was one sweet ass late fucking gooooooooooooooooooooool!

WTF? People are putting scarves on Clinton like he’s some Tibetan monk. Riiiiight.

@SanFranLefty: As if you didn’t predict that Den Mother, with your enticing above the timestamp pic

oh and hi everyone! Social engagement box checked, ended at bar, box checked, finished at home. And….scene.

Okay — I promise to get with the program for the next game.

That was fun. The bars here just emptied out.

@Dodger: I thought of going to a bar but I was still in pajamas at kick off. I feel like I need a drink, though…

@SanFranLefty: In other news, BP was forced to take the containment cap off the busted well because one of their mini-subs bumped into it. What a bunch of dufuses. I wouldn’t trust them to parallel park a Mini Cooper.

@SanFranLefty: So I went to the Ambo’s dinner. With the first drink she said “oh, and anyone who wants to leave in time for the game, feel free to eat!”. Nabisco wasn’t shy; sure, missed most of the first period, but I sat next to the Awkward Diplomat herself, chatted her about her dogs and her nephew (“confirmed bachelorette”, she, I learned), drank a coupla mixers and only one glass of wine (always full, mysteriously), and slipped out when she, for the fourth time, said “Go! Go! Watch your Sport!”

She really /didn’t/ care. So then I did the bar hop, only briefly, a testosterone display really, and wound up at home in time for 20 minutes of agonizing clock watching, tie gazing, then that beautiful gooooooool.

Friggin Yanks, they can’t /possibly/ go any further if they wait to light up at the end of their matches.

(anyone up for overshare or is it, like broad daylight there?)


@Nabisco: It’s 10 am here, kemosabe, you’re on your own.
The US was on fire the whole game. They didn’t wait until the end. They had the air taken out of them in the middle of the first half with the goal taken back, but they were pouring it on and pummeling Algeria from the start. They had a ton of almost-goals.

@Dodgerblue: Its making me nostalgic for the days when the environmental bete noir was the china syndrome.

@Nabisco: It’s not yet 11 am here in Santa Fe, I’m mired in litigation (with Jim Rome Sport talk on the webz), and off the gin for training purposes until after the tribal pilgrimage in August, so it’s three strikes for me, pal.

Re: (anyone up for overshare or is it, like broad daylight there?)

@SanFranLefty: It’s 1 pm here and I’m trying to get some work done. Which has never stopped me oversharing before, mind you.

@Dodgerblue: Is there any truth to the story that more oil is spilling in Nigeria than into the Gulf?

@Benedick: I think that is probably true. But those are not Whities over there so the MSM doesn’t care. Little known fact: the U.S. of A gets a big chunk of our imported oil from Nigeria.

NYT is reporting McChrystal relieved of command.

Breaking/ McChrystal out: Petraeous in.

@Dodgerblue: It fills the comments at the Independent and other Limey rags: how come we’re supposed to care about the Gulf leak when the stupid Yanks don’t care about Nigeria which is worse, stupid Yanks. Plus Yanks are stupid and fat. They eat McDonalds. They can’t say aluminium.

And such as. I thought it was as bad if not worse but wanted to check.

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