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Being a Responsible Blogger, we’re supposed to have something Responsible to say about Stanley McChrystal’s meeting this morning with The President of These United States.

But reviewing the extant literature, it seems everybody else has already said it.

So, in lieu of yet another NSURLConnection gag a Responsible Overview of the Issues at stake, we present instead a singalong from a recent program featuring John Hodgman that we find appropriate to the occasion.

And if that’s not good enough for you, here’s a heartwarming story about a gentleman who was mauled by a bear. After he was struck by lightning.

Because while we may not be Responsible, we care.

Update: Damn, they yanked that video fast. Don’t tell Hodgman.


/Nabisco enters the Editor’s Room, from stage left/

N: “Chief, did I tell you to run with the Lincoln-McClelan meme, or what?”

Ed: “Yep, uh huh”

N: “So why didn’t ya Boss? It’s all over the dailies today. Even that broad who always does Jon Stewart brought it up.”

Ed: “Yep, uh huh”

N: “So why didn’t you, Boss? It woulda been the scoop a the century, the Meme Heard Round the World, from right here in Stinque World Headquarters.”

N: “Boss?”

Ed: “Yoda Pez is missing”

N: “Oh…”

Ed: “Bring the Scion around, will ya kid?”

N: “Yessir”

(Nabisco exits hurriedly, stage right)

@Nabisco: Oh Jesus, do we now have to endure endless ignorant rants about Lincoln? Bring in the gay meme – Lincoln homo, best buddy sleepovers, same extremely narrow bed, four years, that’s a lot of morning wood, call Larry Kramer, on second thoughts don’t – and you might pique my interest.

Obama needs to kick him unconscious and then have him court martialed, tried and tossed in front of a firing squad.

I’m sorry, but if it’s not Timothy Treadwell’s beard getting mauled, I’m not interested. We all know how fucking lightning works — right? (Okay — maybe I’ll read the article…)

Keep flogging that NSURL Connection thing.

It’s hilarious.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Keep fucking that chicken!

PSA: There is nothing funny about actual animal abuse. Thank you.

@Nabisco: Son, son…

You’re young. You’ve got spunk. I appreciate that. You’ll go far.

But McClellan? If you have to explain who he is, or why he got fired, you’ve lost.

The only resonant meme is the one we opened with yesterday: Truman-MacArthur. No more needs to be said. Which is the point.

Not even Curtis LeMay registers a blip.

If you wanna do Lincoln, fine. But unless he fired Grant, nobody wants to hear about it.

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