Mike Lee Wins Nomination, Sets Up Running Gag for Next Six Years

“Utah Republicans chose their nominee for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday… Mike Lee is the overwhelming favorite to win in November and replace Sen. Bob Bennett, who was ousted at the Republican convention in May amid a wave of anti-incumbent rage around the country.” [AP]


You mean, this fucking retard will be a Younited States Senator? Holy crap.

Please, please, will we work on some great tchotchkes to sell on the Stinqueria?

@Dodgerblue: Wait a second, this douchetard is my age?

He’s kind of hate-fuckable in that photo, in that repressed-yet-nasty Republican way. Dollars to donuts that he likes getting pegged.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, we should. Soon as Silent Creative Partner stops pelting me with new features for our Stupid-Trick App.

Lee, 38, is a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and briefly served as former Gov. Jon Huntsman’s general counsel. His father, Rex Lee, was a Brigham Young University law school dean and solicitor general under President Ronald Reagan, and his brother Tom Lee has been nominated to the Utah Supreme Court.

Gawd, as if his name weren’t bad enough, his bio makes me want to bash his face in.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: “I Like Mike“? How about “I Knee Lee“?

breaking (but won’t matter): A longtime aide to Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), “who has been assigned by the senator to oversee women’s issues, pleaded guilty in 2008 to charges stemming from a knife-wielding altercation with an ex-girlfriend,” ABC News reports.

– politicalwire.com

Everywhere you go, there you are there’s fucking Mike Lee!

@JNOV: And it never gets any better. Even caused me to lapse into Trade Pidgin, and that hasn’t happened in a while.

@Benedick: Haha! Pidgin. When I was in the Navy (well, this happens all the time), people tended to decide that my ambiguous brown skin and features meant that I was whatever ethnicity they were attracted to/desired chose for me.

Some retired old fart decided that I was Native Hawaiian. Okay, that’s fine. When I told him I wasn’t, he wanted to argue with me and told me I spoke Native Hawaiian “pidgin.” Really? Philly accents and NH pidgin sound the same? Well, I guess I need to move there.

Term limits? Repeal gubbiment?


Mike Lee’s going to discover that he’s mostly ineffectual.

@JNOV: I’ve always thought the various Pidgins fascinating, a pity they don’t seem to be respectable. What they represent is so thrilling, I think. A history of people refracted through speech invented to make trade possible. Icelandic Basque Pidgin, eg.

As for what’s spoken in Philadelphia, well, how does that work?

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