Edith Shain, 1918-2010

Woman who says she was nurse from WWII photo dies [AP]

Edith Shain and ‘The Kiss’ [LAT, 2005]


As lovely in its way as Rodin’s.

When I was a mere strip of a lad in London I saw a story in one of the papers about a Chelsea Pensioner – retired military men with no family who were given a home at govt expense, a uniform and a reasonable amount of respect to live out their retirement in a row of cottages near the river in Chelsea – who was now very frail and in his 90s.

When he was 19 he posed for Rodin. He was the most beautiful and virile young man imaginable. He was the man in The Kiss.

Alright now I’m crying like a fool.

PS. I’m sure I didn’t make this up. I hope it’s not a fraud. I sometimes think of trying to track that story down.

PS. Too bad we can’t see their legs. That’s the best part. And yes, I had a good day.

@Benedick: It was in the original emulsion: http://www.life.com/image/72432384/in-gallery/22967/wwii-victory-over-japan

He was close in with a normal to wide lens to capture the scene in the square.

one of the very best m0ments in Watchmen when the lesbian jumped in front of the sailor and stole the kiss.

@FlyingChainSaw: See how lovely that is? Their legs amplify the moment as she finds herself thrown off-balance as he crushes her against his body. And the stockings are so touching and so prim.

@Benedick: The image has motion, too, with her left arm swinging up apparently from the force of the sailor’s snatch and smooch. Doubtless she’s in heaven now, peeling off her hose and sitting on Jesus’ face.

@FlyingChainSaw: What a sweet thought. Let’s hope so. She’ll have to move the apostle John first, though.

@FlyingChainSaw: Personally, I’m partial to the Squidbilly Jesus. Not that it necessarily changes anything.

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