We Once Ran 31 Candidates for Student-Body President

“Fearing that even marginal voter preferences for tea party candidates could spell doom in November, Republicans now claim that the dozen or more Florida Tea Party candidates running for statehouse seats are part of some Sunshine State shenanigans.” [TPM]


I once ran a stuffed armadillo for student body president. Came in third in a field of four. I recently found out that a friend of mine who came in fourth is still hurt over it.


I’d rather have the armadillo than one of these tea party assholes.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: The Tea Party Assholes, er, “Patriots” FB group has about 252,000 friends, btw.


Which, when you think about it, makes 504,000 assholes in total.

Dunno about this. Seems a bit too enterprising to be the work of Democrats. Though Grayson is a bit of a lad.

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