Let’s See That On the Lego Replay

We understand a bunch of skinny dudes will be kicking around a misinflated ball in a half-hour. Have at it.


Oh those silly Brits. Trying to blame Canada City or actually the goalie’s Canada City lingerie model ex-GF for dumping him and putting him in a fumble fingered state of mind.

Crap! Slovenia scored on US – gorgeous goal from 30 meters out. Like a rifle shot. US goalie and Stinque WCHotD Tim Howard didn’t have a chance.

I think I prefer Univision’s play-by-play to ESPN’s.

@SanFranLefty: Yo tambien.

@SanFranLefty: He didn’t fucking move. If he were a baseball player and reacted to a line drive like that, he’d be dead.

As one of the rare Slovenian Americans out there, I’m quite pleased with this game so far.

@Dodgerblue: Apparently our forward Altidor is the punching bag for the Slovenians. He should have gotten a PK for being taken down from behind in the box.

@SanFranLefty: Don’t we have some thug who can beat on their people if they beat on us?

@SanFranLefty: No, my family emigrated from the Midwest to Boston. There are a whole lot there, who came for the factories and stayed for the I don’t know what.

OMG — Jerome Doolittle has a post up over at Bad Attitudes about a NYT article discussing the increase in the number of men shaving their entire bodies, accompanied by a photograph that should not be viewed by anyone, not even a doctor. Let’s just call it a palate cleanser between courses of WCHOTD.

Have to TJ, I promised this link a few days ago, but forgot to put it up till now, its “Christ, it works for everything.” http://www.robertsinclair.net/comic/asshole.html

It amused me, briefly.

@Dodgerblue: Clint was pounding on the dude that is all on Altidor’s face. #17 should at least buy Altidor some dinner.


USA fucking ties it!

@Marcel Parcells: Frankly, I’m a little surprised — and disappointed — that I didn’t see it here first. You kids are slipping.

This ref is TERRIBLE!! Misses the obvious PKs for America and calls off-sides when there is none.

And for the str8t dudes, here is a slideshow compendium of sexy world cup babe slideshows, its gr8t! Works like viagra; if painful erection lasts longer than 4 hours, get laid.

Ok, so, Sharron Angle, the teabagger running for Senate in Nevada, has been avoiding the press lately, but a reporter from the local CBS affiliate tracked her down at a meet-and-greet, and, maybe it’s just me, but she appears to be totally plastered. Thoughts?

Have we confirmed that Slovenia exists, and is not a reference from a Marx Brothers movie?

@mellbell: If not drunk, then organic brain damage of some kind.

@SanFranLefty: We wuz robbed. Do they still hate US America even with the Eagle at the helm?

@nojo: My thoughts exactly as I was preparing a big fat expresso this morning.

@Marcel Parcells: Picko matere or something like that (sorry, married in to the formerly lovely ex-Yugoslavia).

@redmanlaw: @nojo: I’ve been there. Saw the Ramones in Ljubljana, where the “fashion” was green army fatigue jackets like we had never fucking lived through the seventies. Slovenia “suffered” a whole fucking 24 hour aunschluss from the Yugoslav army before going all Franch and giving up, so yeah, I have no fookin love for those middle Slavs and goddammit, the refs blow donkey balls.

Sorry, how’s everyone else doing this fine Paul McCartney birthday?

/drunken grumbling/

@nojo: Isn’t the capital Deranged?

BTB, people, I was out picking up dogshit and had an idea how ‘soccer’ might be saved in this country. Seeing prom’s post has only hardened my resolve. OK. Here it is.

The League of Women’s Negligée Soccer.

Make it all female – let’s face it it’s a total girly game anyhow – adapt the rules a smidge: eg, anyone caught offside gets hosed down. Install mud pits in the goals. Etc. Get Hooters to sponsor. Line up Fox for the All-Star playoff? I think one or two of us would like to order that up on their PPV right now. Amirite?

@Nabisco: I love this spread of time zones. Cocktail hour follows the sun so we can all get drunk sequentially.

@Benedick: Heh. Just told him the exact same thing on a different thread.

@Benedick: @flippin eck: We thank you!

Although, the alcohol makes me think a coupla sharp elbows under the boards is all it would take for us to dominate another Sport. Fookin pansies.

But I like the lingerie match play idea. Indeed.

ADD: a Brit announcer on M.I.A E.S.P.N just said “is it just me being frisky, or has this been a great day for Sport?”

ADD2: he’s a tall drink of chocolate milk, for those who care.

@Nabisco: I’m sure the “formerly” is intended to modify “Yugoslavian” and not “lovely” – just the liquor talking.

@Benedick: I know. I got to work ten minutes ago and Nabeesko is sloshed already.

@SanFranLefty: @Nabisco: @flippin eck: Personally, I never drink before lunchtime. Unless it’s the weekend. Or a Thursday.

@Benedick: It’s always lunchtime somewhere. The sun never sets on the British Empire. Etc.

@Dodgerblue: The sun never sets on the British Stinque Empire.


@SanFranLefty: *hiccup* you are right. It is a desperately lovely place (yeah, I know, sounds like how I describe women carrying cats at airplane checkin counters, enough already Benedick), and only recently a formerly known as place.

@Benedick: @Dodgerblue: The sad thing is that I really drink so infrequently that it only takes a two three pitchers of beer to get me this way. And when I drink wine or coctkails, I really just get kind of erudite and shit.

p.s. had an argument with a Palin supporter tonight. You won’t believe this, but he admitted to voting for her because (shhhhh) “she’s hot”.


ADD: Hah! You – and Baked, and most importantly Ma Nabisco* – would be very proud of me. As “randy” as I may come off, I spent the evening surrounded by some really very comely and apparently single wmn, all chatty and stuff (“hey, I’m trying to watch a corner kick here”), and even rode the elevator up with a Persian woman named Rita and just left them all with a very polite and gentlemanly “nice to meet you”.

*Ma landed with the biscuits in the beautiful former Yugoslavia around the time of the 2nd Slovenian goal tonight, and I know that she is as *steamed* as I am at the apparent hegemony that is pan-Slav futbol tonight, because the wrong teams made the cup.

@Nabisco: If I had nothing better to do, I’d post a bunch of old-school newsroom clocks so everyone can keep track.

Happily, I do have better things to do.

You won’t believe this

What he said, or the fact you argued with him?

@nojo: what he said. Sure, I baited him (“quite a looker, eh?”) but really, I never expected such a blatant admission of Voting By Proxy in real life.

@Nabisco: You around? Sent you a msg on FB.

@JNOV: I think it’s sleepy-time in Lotus Land, esp post-WC drinking…

Hey, who hijacked my account?

/walk of shame this AM/

@JNOV: I did, and will write when the cobwebs clear. What they sell as “lager” here is really just fermented elephant piss.

@Nabisco: Heh. How you say “my xon you will dire” in Hindi?

I love the time difference – you’re having a nice strong cup of coffee as the east coasters are drifting off and Mr. SFL and I just got home from a fabulous meal and are having a bottle of our expensive wine to steel our resolve before we go spend 3 days with my family. (Confession: I may be pre-posting HotWC postings for the next 3 days so I don’t have to drag my laptop to the OC).

@Nabisco: GODDAMN! You weren’t kidding! This is fookin’ AWSUM!

TJ/ Drinks consumed last weekend (in order):

1 Miller Lite (blech)
1 Abita
1 Bellini
1 Hurricane
1 Blue Moon
1 Red Stripe
1 Abita
2 Madrases
1 Hand Grenade
2.5 Sierra Nevadas (bartender stole my half drunk beer, I went ghetto, I got a new one)
1 Ketel One Gimlet (a REAL one — none of that Rose’s shit)
1 Iced cafe au lait to combat the liquid courage.

“Ass your bitch’s kick will I!” <- must've been the hand grenade making me channel Yoda and shit.

@Benedick: This works except for the lingerie. You need a nude ladies soccer league with a pudding pitch. These kinds of play logistics will guarantee national brown-outs as every TV in America tunes in. ESPN will be able to charge for 30 second spots what passes for the GDP in some countries.

@JNOV: They took Yuengling’s off of the bar menu in the Acela’s First Class car. I’m a fellow of famously moderate temperament but this could turn me into a terrorist.

@FlyingChainSaw: NO! Not The Oldest Brewery in the US? Fuck that shit! $2 Yards of Yuengling FTW!

Anchor is the second oldest US brewery. Last week I introduced my brother to Anchor Porter and told him to kiss that Miller Lite bullshit goodbye. Have you had Yards or Triumph? PA has the shittiest liquor laws, yet we have over thirty breweries. Woot!

@JNOV: Yes, it’s a crime against brewing and travel – and humanity. And they pulled the fucking Stella! Yeah, guy offered me a Heineken. Who drinks that shit except kids who drink in parking lots in dying industrial towns in the eastern US? They had Sam. Reliable I guess but not The Yuenglings. Christ, thank god you saved him from that horrific spew. Wow. Lite. That was indeed a merciful intervention. Is Anchor Porter made by the Anchor Steam people? Can’t say I’ve ever had Yards or Triumph. Are they in any way comparable to Yuenglings?

@FlyingChainSaw: ::whispers:: I have pictures of his bride guzzling Miller Lite from the can at her reception.

Triumph makes a damned good IPA, if you like hops. The percentage isn’t insane, it’s like 6.5 or so. Very tasty. Yards also makes a very nice IPA, and they’re reasonably priced. I don’t know about their other offerings, because I am an IPA girl at heart.

Speaking of local foods, have you ever had a sub at The White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City? It’s a must for everyone. Hoagies do not compare.

Whatchado is you order half of a Regular (AKA an Italian, but call it a Regular) with The Works, mayo and peppers on the side. The peppers are finely diced and so fucking good. Jr and I are going to be in AC on the 26th to join the Surfrider off-shore oil drilling protest, Hands Across the Sand, and then we’re swinging by White House to order subs to be overnighted to NOLA — dry, oil, vinegar, mayo, peppers on the side. The exiled Philadelphians in NOLA will love me forever.

Oh, I’ll take pictures of the protest on the beach.

ADD: And tip the sub dudes a buck or two, and they will remember you forever.

@FlyingChainSaw: They had Sam. Reliable I guess but not The Yuenglings. Look for Penn Pilsner, ‘Saw. Tell them Nabisco sent you, and the owner/brewer will fix you up. Really, first came out when Sam hit the scene, basically the same approach, but SA had far better marketing. Penn Pilsner is a real sleeper. And don’t get sucked in to the Yuengling Black and Tan (as good as it is), go full Porter. That stuff is like nectar of the gods.

Who drinks that shit except kids who drink in parking lots in dying industrial towns in the eastern US? Precisely. We thought Heineken was classy, for Big Nights Out, most of the time it was a coupla sixes of Gennie Cream or the old standby, Pabst Blue Ribbon for keggers.

@JNOV: My sober but perpetually naughty self thought “sub dudes”? Then I remembered these guys and all was good again.

@Nabisco: Oh, GODDAMMIT WITH THE FUCKING ACCORDIONS! Every time I turned around last weekend, some dip shit was assaulting my ears with one of those things. No, I won’t be going to France any time soon. (Don’t get me started on the clarinet.)

You say you’re sober, but I don’t buy it. I also have no idea what sort of double/triple/quadruple entendre can be derived from “sub dudes.” Maybe these guys?

@JNOV: Heh. Yeah, it is a bit of a schtick, ain’t it? I worked in Southwest La. for a year, and used to haunt some awesome shrimp boils/music fests that featured great accordion/washboard combos.

Substitute you for my mum, at least I’ll get my washing done!

@Nabisco: You are so not sober, and that mum business sounds a wee bit incestuous.

@karen marie: That’s not a palate cleanser! It’s a stomach pump.

@lynnlightfoot: Indeed. And he could use a breast pump. And maybe lose the nipple ring; it’s weighing him down.

@JNOV: Straight edge, sis. Oh and the mum business? That’s just Pete being Pete (you posted the linquey, not I). What is “Tommy” if not a confessional about a boy who grew up sexually abused?

But I just thought if I quoted the bit about laundry you’d give me hell for my valet service. <3

@lynnlightfoot: @JNOV: Brain bleach! Glad I missed that the first time around…

@JNOV: Wow, that’s a whole new frontier of visiting the grotesque upon the divine, I guess. I will keep my eyes out for Yards and Triumphs’ IPAs whence I next descend upon PA. I’ve been to Atlantic City by accident but never experienced any culinary adventure beyond a hotdog on the boardwalk to keep the beer down. I will keep the WH in mind if I ever return to AC.

@Nabisco: I will keep my eyes peeled for these local delights. I’ve had the Porter in the red label and it was memorably delicious. Boston Brewing had some marketing but mostly it had a very determined distribution director – literally the only employee for many years who had the wit and determination to get every bar and liquor store owner in the east to drink the beer and hear her story of why consumers were ready for craft-brewed beer, literally a one-woman valkyrie and vanquishing army, an industry legend who need not be named here. Her story had the advantage of verisimilitude since a lot of the fresh, crafty local beer experience (PA excluded) had been crushed in the US during the 1970s with the rise of the megabreweries. Right. A case of Heinies and a parking lot and thou. Blech, a perfectly wondering evening out could be destroyed by the introduction of tarted up emu piss like this. When the local drop lost its character during a catastrophic reformulation sometime in that era, I ended up as a Labatts refugee, opting for Molson’s Export whenever it came to hand. Gennie has its charms. Had Utica Club on draft one fall evening at a race track in Maine and was struck at how luscious a formulation it was.

@FlyingChainSaw: In high school, I was in a “band”. A totally fake band, but since most of us worked on the high school paper – and I wrote a music column – we hyped the shite out of it in the run up to our sr. high “Gong Show” talent contest, and we won came in second based purely on the expectation of the crowd. My buddy started lyrics to a song with: “Threw back a coupla those little Dutch numbers, what happened next I just couldn’t remember”, which was terrific but none of us had any talent whatsoever so we never finished it.

I had Ballentine’s on tap at a place in my hometown that was a hobo bar throughout my teen years, we took it over on college breaks, a former speakeasy with this enormous fucking oak with brass foot railing bar and a chandelier from the 20s that was imported from Czechoslovakia. The Ballentine’s was a fine pour, there was Perry and Frank on the jukebox, and we usually tipped the balance of the clientele towards the high end of half having a full set of teeth.

@Nabisco: Ballantine on draft? Be still my heart.

@Nabisco: Haha! The first thing to come to mind when you posted that was your tux-wearing valets, but I figured I’d take it easy on you, what with it ALMOST BEING YOUR BIRTHDAY and all.

Wow. I thought I knew all the words to Tommy. Never caught onto the incest theme — just the abusive dad/step-dad, depending on whether you’re using the movie or the albums as a guide.

@FlyingChainSaw: If you ever do find yourself in AC or somewhere nearby again, I’d love to show you how the locals party. White House might sound like a tourist trap, but it really isn’t. The tap water in AC is delicious (really), so the fresh sub bread tastes slightly different than any other you’re get in the area. WH doesn’t skimp on meat and cheese in quality or quantity. Everyone has to go there at least once.

@Nabisco: Shlitz, Schaeffer, Rolling Rock, and that stuff that starts with an M…

Oh, and Little Mickey’s Big Mouth!

@JNOV: Shlitz!
@JNOV: Always the album, and never the movie, sis. And by album, I mean the original album.

I need to take a pic of the valets for the gheyz and gals to admire/critique.

@Nabisco: Yay! Genesee and that thing that starts with an M and sounds kinda Allemande.


@Nabisco: Mom’s double album had that blue and black cover with all their faces in it, or maybe just Daltrey’s — can’t remember. So weird that we both associated The Who with sub dudes, but in different ways.

My favorite song (which Nicholson fucking DESTROYED in the movie) is the doctor song.

He seems to be completely unreceptive
He doesn’t even hear a word I’ve said
Look at him in the mirror dreaming
What it happening in his head?

@JNOV: “Mom’s double album”….? I’m not that old, am I? Yes, this one. The other one is the soundtrack, aka worse. ADD: Clapton in “Eyesight to the Blind” was teh awesome.

Ever listen to Quadrophenia? Pete’s multiple personality disorder, written operatically for each of the band members. One of the greatest albums of all time, in my opinion.

@Nabisco: My mom hid Electric Ladyland in a Lawrence Welk sleeve.

@nojo: blow my mind, dude. My parents hid John Barry in, um, John Barry sleeves.

Oh and as for Tommy: the Movie? I’d forgotten entirely about the Marilyn homage in “Eyesight”. That’s Arthur Brown as the Priest! I think I’d appreciate the movie more now than when I saw it originally.

@Nabisco: The Marilyn Cult was AWESOME. The rest of the movie pretty much sucked ass. I’d give Tina Turner props had I not seen the movie when I was about eight years old and had nightmares about Iron Maidens for weeks.

@Nabisco: Yo — no pic. You mean this one? That’s the one she had.

True confessions: Never heard Quadrophenia, The Kids Are Alright — I think we’d found Jesus by then and had destroyed our album collection. Lots of jazz and the blues were melted on over the stove (seriously). I have no love lost for that Boston album, but I miss her Dr. John and Mandrill.

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