Exclusive Sharron Angle Video!


Today’s Blogger Buzz appears to be Nevada’s Sharron Angle walking out on reporters while her campaign manager calls one an “‘an idiot’ and another term that can’t be repeated.” (Nominations welcome!)

We’re having a hard time getting worked up about that, but then we found another Angle video that we think is much more illuminating.


If that’s not cruelty to animals, I don’t know what is.

@Nabisco: Ladies and gentlemen, Stinque Comment #80,000. Too bad it wasn’t the hangover one.

@nojo: So what’s the over/under on us hitting 100K before Labor Day?

@SanFranLefty: Well, that’s 80k since September 2008, so we probably won’t be seeing six figures soon.

@nojo: Now if that’s not a dare, I don’t know what is. More importantly, look at when we were at 40, 50, and 60K and see if we’re cutting down the time frame every 10K comments.

Most definitely by Thanksgiving we’ll hit 6 figures.

Maybe we should tell Prommie to put each paragraph of one of his long comments in separate post. We’d hit 100K by 4th of July.

/I keed, Prommie, I keed…

@SanFranLefty: We’re slacking big time: CP comments crashed at 25k, plus 5k spam. It’s take another heavily contested election year for us to reach that pace again.

@nojo: Sooooo, yeah. Where do I find the Drunken ‘Bisco Thread? (I think we should all take turns.)

Is Angle giving the dog the finger in the video or holding the camera.

@nojo: Xrist, just my luck. About as pithy as what finally got me in the door at Brand W, which was just utter nonsense after monthsweeksdays of brilliant snark.

@SanFranLefty: heh

@JNOV: careful, sis. I only just now sweated the elephant piss out of my system.

@Nabisco: I totally found it. The embarrassing part is that I commented on it asking you a question without reading your wonderful version of MY XION YOU WILL DIRE.

@JNOV: You want to know what is really pitiful? I re-read my comments, and even with my drank on I can’t stop being fucking rational.

Stoopid yes, but not too rambling. That crap about pan Slavs yada yada? Turns out Ma and the biscuits arrived, slept a full night, and nobody even cared about the upset of Germany or the, um, tie with US America.

@Nabisco: That’s because soccer is stupid, and they are smart. ::ducks for cover::

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