Your Metaphor May Vary

In Hong Kong, cars drive on the left. Elsewhere in China, cars drive on the right. Problem solved!

This also serves a geek illustration for interfacing two systems. And a very expensive DNA model.

Also, U.S. energy policy. But we’re too tired to work that one out.

The flipper bridge [Kottke]

The amazing things about this is that they thought about the problem, and then found an elegant solution that leaves no room for stupidity human error. In my home state, they’d throw up a bunch of orange cones, haul out some concrete barriers and just screw with our commute for a weekmonth really long time, while the tow truck drivers swarm the place like vultures at a Jim Jones get-together.

ADD: 我欢迎我们的中国统治者

This might be too easy, but I’d like to see some commentary on this:

Sarah Palin says “Call in the Dutch!”

Maybe she was “thinking” about the Dutch Boy sticking his finger in the dike.

@SanFranLefty: I hope everyone clicked the Rimshot Button for that.

@Nabisco: 謝謝你.

These bridge concepts look about as asinine as the idea of building a Hong Kong-Guangdong-Macao bridge itself. Foolish waste of resources per usual. Thanks, spineless SAR government and the PRC!

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