Grease Up the World Cup Hotties of the Day

Turn that BP-induced frown upside down, Stinquers, it’s time for the World Cup Hottie of the Day.

As soon as I saw that New Zealand’s Winston Reid stripped off his shirt in celebration of his goal, earning himself a yellow card, because it’s the first time ever the Kiwis have scored a point in a World Cup, I knew sight unseen he would be the Hottie of the Day.

Then I discovered that the All-Whites* love to take their shirts off. So in honor of their great achievement, bringing overwhelming joy at 2:30 in the morning to our funny-talking socialist cousins of the South Pacific, the entire New Zealand soccer team is hereby deemed the World Cup Hotties of the Day.

*Team’s nickname is not a reflection of the racial composition of the team – the rugby team is nicknamed the “All-Blacks” and the soccer team is the “All-Whites.”  Flying Chainsaw might be able to explain why.

Mr. Reid starting to strip:

The All-Whites, all-topless and greased up:


I think the anthropolical term for what those men are doing is called “phallic aggression”.

Please. It is to laugh. Mel Gibson wannabe. They are total ugh. Fucking stupid Sport boys.

I ‘spose Bachelor #17 is the hawtest overall, and he def gets bonus points as a graduate of the Gene Simmons School of Tongue Dexterity, butthisface! Oh well, that’s what the FSM created paper bags for.

@blogenfreude: The googles aren’t cooperating with “kiwi women athletes”.

@Original Andrew: Better than that Eye-talian goombah, n’est-ce pas?

Lefty, I totally called this.

@SFL: You don’t have to bury the initial Hottie pix after the jump. What I was objecting to the other day was a 750-pixel tall photo that consumed the entire visible homepage.

That second picture is either a Maori war dance or another of those “Thriller” dance things.

@nojo and SFL: I kind of like the initial Hottie pix coming after the jump — it’s like cracker jack, there’s a toy prize inside.

@nojo: I thought it was Bloggie doing that, and I was guilty of bandwidth hijacking or whatever it was. I like doing the teaser for the photo after the jump.
@redmanlaw: Yes, it’s a Maori war dance. The soccer and rugby teams do them before every match.
@Original Andrew: Darling, when that face and tongue is between your legs and that body is somewhere else, who cares if the eyes are a little cockeyed?


Didja see the season premiere of True Blood featuring Alexander Skarsgård in all his bare-nekkid glory?

Jaw, meet Floor.

@Original Andrew: No, what is that show? Why is everyone on I know on the Book of Faces yammering about it (except my soccer buddies)?

it looks like they’re doing the macarena.
or the chicken dance.

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