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Anyone responsible, civilly or criminally, should be bankrupted and banished from polite society:

Oil firm BP “manipulated” the Bush administration into softening regulation of oil drilling, leading to the environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, a lawsuit filed in a Florida courtroom alleges.

An inspector-general’s report earlier this year indicated that the federal agency charged with overseeing oil reserves, the Minerals Management Service, largely failed to live up to the most minimal expectations of it. The report showed the MMS to have allowed oil companies to fill in their own inspection reports, and at least one MMS inspector had admitted to a methamphetamine addiction that caused him to be high while carrying out inspections.

The report also found that, from 2005 to 2007, MMS inspectors accepted numerous gifts, including meals and tickets to sporting events, from at least one oil company.

The RICO claims might be shit, but we should sue them under any theory available and let “justice” sort it out.

Lawsuit: BP’s ‘Manipulation’ of Bush Administration Led to Oil Spill [RawStory]

Agreed. Break out the RICO bat and see where the bodies land.

Oh, the fun is just beginning. I was in Tampa for a conference on the oil spill. People there are feeling scared and helpless. The oil is headed their way and there’s not fuck-all they can do about it.

You elect a failed, saudi-owned, oil industry puppet boy, and his evil oil-industry owned VP, and let them control the oil industry regulatory agency for 8 years, and you should be surprised that the clowns they put in charge make “Heck of a job” Brownie look good in comparison?

No wonder he got so many inspections done in such a short period of time.

Things are not really all that complicated. The perceived complexity of our situation is entirely a result of the propaganda, lies, and smokescreens thrown up by both sides of the political spectrum (a spectrum similar to the one described by Dorothy Parker in her famous description of the acting talents of Katherine Hepburn: “her emotions ran the gamut from A to B.”)

Here is American politics: money and capital, the international finance and industry oligarchy, wants complete control, they are sick of the weak and piddling remaining efforts of the quaint and antiquated “government” to interfere in any way with their total and complete assumption of all power and control in our society. The GOP carries their flag, but tries to disguise it as populism, “freeing business from the suffocating yoke of government regulation,” thats a fairly highbrow way that they say it, they tailor the message to the pigfuckers, with a simple “gubmint is evil, taxes is slavery, drown the gubmint in a bathtub” message. The religion, race, immigration, and anti-homo memes the GOP throws out are just devices to garner the support of the lowest, most ignorant, angry, stupid pigfucking elements of society, so they can get a majority of the vote.

On the other side, democrats ostensibly profess belief in the antiquated notion that democratic governments should be in control, and regulate business, but they whiffle and whaffle whenever it actually comes to genuinely opposing the interests of money and capital.

The republicans are open in their desire to simply turn the reigns of power over to the corporations, and the democrats have been mau-maued into paralysis, any public recognition of the real nature of the fight is impossible, because anyone who speaks the truth will be villified, and destroyed, as a commie.

The real issues, the real nature of the fight going on, the real issues, it is completely verboten to publicly discuss the real issues. Instead the GOP and the Democrats fight proxy wars over issues that are designed and perpetuated solely to distract the public, and all public discussion, from what is really going on. Fetuses and guns and immigrants and whales and gays prayer in the schools. All issues, and this is why the Democrats are so helpless, have been completely framed by the GOP as guaranteed losing issues for the democrats, among the lower 50% of the population, the pigfuckers.

@Promnight: Cool band name: “Armed Fetus.”

BREAKING — ADD: Ally McBeal weds Prof. Indiana Jones in New Mexico. TMZ reports Gov Bill Richardson performed the ceremony.

@redmanlaw: Howzabout “Armed Forceps”?

Wow, are they planning their divorce already or something? I mean, it’s been years, what’s the hurry?

did you hear al gore is dating laurie david? (larry’s wife)
they bonded over green, she’s a loudmouth about curly light bulbs.

@Promnight: The whole ‘wedding controversy’ is a total mystery to me. Because nobody really gives a shit. Not really. Apart from the few thousands who might actually marry. It’s never going to directly affect that many people. And the rest of the population couldn’t care less. Why should they? I don’t care about their marriages. The only thing that explains the heat of ‘debate’ is the amount of money raised by orgs like NOM. We’re Korea in this dispute. A proxy war that no one remembers now or cares why it ‘had’ to be fought.

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