Jesus Wept

Oh, for Christ’s sake…


And don’t forget, the teen-mom high-school dropout is co-hosting GMA next week. Soon we will change our name to The United States of Palin, or Palinland, or some such. I pledge allegiance to Sarah Palin, and Trig the retarded Palin, and to the Dude, with his silk underwear, one Family, and the fightin’ troops, defending our precious liberties, also.

The wingnutty and GOPer water carriers in the MSM are really pushing her. She’s the Slapchop of US America politics.

that image looks like it should be on one of those candles you can buy in supermarkets in LA that have prayers one side.

StinqueLinque is offering me “Botox and Boob Jobs: Philosophy Out of Fashion Part One“.

Yes, finally, a patron saint of hate, genocidal rage and ignorance!

Is that a real cover for Newsweek?

Cue the hysterical screaming of Talibunny’s fans about the use of an extremely unflattering photograph.

Like wow. She looks as scary on the outside as she is on the inside.

@karen marie: Sadly, that is not a spoof from The Onion or an April Fool’s prank. On your newsstands now.

Oh, please, let Sophocles be right, about those whom the gods would destory.

@SanFranLefty: Newsweek is up for sale, so I figure this is just a way to get a spike in newsstand sales to bamboozle bidders. Next week’s cover: Michelle Obama and Gabby Reese discuss their favorite bikini wax techniques.

@Dodgerblue: You would like that. Did you get to work on your computer yet? I can’t get it to work. This could be a problem for the next few weeks.

@SanFranLefty: No, I couldn’t get it to connect. Our IT guy rigged up our conference room TV so we can watch it up there.

Vanity Fair swoops in for the kill. I’m partial to their “Sarah Pagan” cover.

@nojo: But I’m sure that Chainsaw will want to use the “Sarastopheles” cover for a future post.

If I had a stronger stomach, I’d start a faux teabagger site telling Talibunny to follow the Bible and GB2Kitchen. *That* would attract some serious cranks…

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