South Carolina Leads the Nation in Pseudo-Scientific Denials of Pestorking Rumormongering

“Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has released the results of a lie detector test which he says proves he isn’t behind a string of attacks against one of his Republican opponents, Rep. Nikki Haley.” [WIS-TV, via Political Wire]


Are any of these people pretty? Then I’m not interested.

BTW. I got a sweet note from Steve inviting me to check out the ALL NEW and TOTALLY AWESOME iPhone. And let me tell you it looks pretty sweet. I just might have to develop me some apps for it.

@Benedick: SFL has seen a beta version of the Stupid Trick App I’m developing to learn how the critter works.

Also: Nikki Haley is pretty.

I’ve almost given up on writing iphone apps. Every time I near completion, there’s a new f-ing phone.

@hunkamonkiman: I’ve got the device testing spread almost covered: original iPhone and iPad, Silent Creative Partner’s 3GS, and that new one when it’s available.

Plus, my clients all fall under “services”, more or less. Freebie utility apps for all!

@nojo: That is earnest and slightly weaselish and not to be trusted alone in a hotel with anything in pants. This is pretty.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Yes, darling, but on you it adds to the hotness.

BTW. The Daily Mail decides to save the English language from the Yanks. Pigs expected to fly tomorrow. The queen is not amused. Hooray!!!

I must go and dance about the garden.

@Benedick: “Yet the other night he referred to ‘specialty shops’ (note the missing i) on the Ten O’Clock News.”

There is no spoon missing i. And “aluminium” does not exist. And the queene can sucke my dicke.

@mellbell: ROFLMAO. 3rd world arseholes pining for a past that never was. That very same article has been a staple since the Relief of Ladysmith. And before, I shouldn’t wonder. In it we see A Sullivan’s career had he remained in that bedsitter off the King’s Road where rising damp peeled the wallpaper from the walls as he dried his yellowing underpants of a chilly November afternoon on a chairback set before a gas fire, hoping against hope that those stains were not what they seemed to be and that the damn things would dry before the meter ran out so he could keep his date with that announcer for the BBC he’d been plying with glasses of warm gin for weeks. It was said announcer’s no-show at the Bunch of Grapes in glamorous South Ken that cemented young Sullivan’s resolve, as the single ice cubes melted in sticky glasses on the bar before him, to live somewhere that believed in central heating.

@nojo: I posted a comment reminding our poor dear English friends that B Franklin devised a new spelling and sound for American so we didn’t all walk about hooting at each other like asses. The only britishism I won’t give up is checks for cheques. I just won’t. I have a fondness for the letter Q. Can’t think why.

Just had another 3.5 earthquake bump here in So Cal. The gods are getting ornery.

@Benedick: Nikki Haley looks a heck of a lot like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, at least to me she does.

IF these people can’t get with the necrobestiality, they can’t expect to take them seriously.

@SpongeBobtheBuilder: Maybe it’s just the backdrop in that picture nojo linked to, but I’m getting an Angie Harmon vibe.

@SpongeBobtheBuilder: This isn’t mine, I am totally stealing it, but in profile, she looks like a weathervane.

This Bauer is wierd, and also wierd, with this lie detector shit, first, he challenged her to take a lie detector to prove she isn’t a philanderer, then he took one to prove he hasn’t accused her of being a philanderer, which, he sorta did when he challenged her to take one, didn’t he? What’s he gonna do next, propose mandatory marital fidelity lie dector tests for all office holders?

It’s almost like he’s got some issues of his own.

@Benedick: Well, what with gay marriage being illegal in South Carolina, he is completely safe then, he cannot be accused of gay marriage infidelity.

Benedick, this is something that struck me during my brief career in politics, on the few occasions my work took me to DC and I spent time in the Congressional office buildings, ate in the congressional cafeterias, it was stunning, unbelievable to me, but, well, it was so transparently obvious, that so many of the political staff working for the members of congress are gay, not just a few, not just many, I would almost say most of them, it was like being at a florists convention, and the most obviously gay of all, were the conservative republicans from the south. I told Mrs prom about my first impression, and she was sceptical, but then she came down with me for the swearing-in ceremony of the congressman I worked for, and as we walked through the halls of the congressional office building where this took place, and she took note of all the staffers scurrying about, she got a look of amazement on her face, and she finally stopped, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “my god, all of these people are gay.” You know me, there is no hint of a problem with this in either of us, but it was just amazing to us. And as I said, it was most obvious in the southern boys, the dandy, Ashley Wilkes southern country club boys.

What the fuck, makes these people live a life so antithetical to their identity, thats what was jarring to me, the immensity of the hypocracy. I know, their is a tragic plight that gays must deal with, especially those coming from that southern society that is even less tolerant, but then, the scale, the sheer number of double-lives being lived by those working for a political party and ideology that despises them. It is still mind-boggling to me.

@Benedick: I too love the letter Q. I think I know why you are fond of it. It’s pretty!

@Benedick: It’s so cute when Brits get their panties in a bunch knickers in a twist.

Repeat and spell after me:



Please. You’re hurting my eyes and I can’t focus on whatever you’re actually saying.

Carry on,

/Grammar Sergeant SFL


My, my, they are having quite a hissy over a few alternate spellings or usage differences. Those naughty tossers need to watch Skins: Series 1 through 4, and then get back to me on the superiority of Bri-tishisms.

@flippin eck: You’re giving in to their Limey bastard whingeing when you do that kind of strikeout action.

@IanJ: I’m covered by my condescension, I figure.

@flippin eck: Brilliant. As long as we’re all speaking the same language.

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