Blessed Are Those Who Have No Clue What This Means

“Mark Pincus, chief executive of Zynga, comes on stage to announce that FarmVille will be coming to the iPhone at the end of June. He says 70 million people play the game each month, mostly on Facebook. You can now farm anytime and anywhere, Mr. Pincus says.” [NYT iPhone liveblog]


Zynga is of course only in its preliminary stages of it plan for taking over the world by immobilizing the entire consumer population with a time-waster masquerading as a social network.

If only Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama could tap into this latent talent to do some actual farming…

Well, that should silence 70% of the Flash-on-iPhone whiners. Oh, they claim it’s about “freedom” or some such drivel, but we know they just want to run Farmville. :)

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