Helen Thomas Retires

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She said a bad thing, the right-wing blogosphere had a field week, Craig Crawford disowned her, Walt Whitman High disinvited her as a commencement speaker, and now she’s out.

We prefer to remember her in better times.

Helen Thomas retires ‘effective immediately’ after Israel remarks [The Hill]

This is just like when the Rev. Franklin Graham resigned after calling Islam an “evil religion.”

Oh wait… he didn’t resign?

Damned… the double standard remains intact!

@Serolf Divad: Thank you. I figured there must be a few dozen counter-examples, but I’m not up to chasing them down. (And Beck’s too easy.)

I feel the same way about this as I did about Dan Rather: Yeah, she fucked up, but is this really going to be the defining moment of her career?

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