Lobbyists, Guns and Money

Texas lobbyists start clamoring for Golden Tickets:

To avoid getting delayed behind noisy schoolkids waiting in line to pass through new metal detectors at the state Capitol, lobbyists are signing up for concealed handgun permits exempting them from the security checkpoints.

Visitors to the Capitol also now are subject to inspections of purses, bags and briefcases by Department of Public Safety officers.

The only people exempted are lawmakers, properly identified state employees or Texans who carry a pistol with a concealed handgun license — or just the license itself, which allows them to bypass the security lines for an express lane reserved for “CHL: Holders.”

“Every lobbyist in Texas is going to become a card-carrying member or a gun-carrying member,” lobbyist and former state lawmaker Pat Haggerty said. “We’re going to have more damn guns in here than we know what to do with.

We don’t know about you, but the next meeting of the House Committee on Pensions, Investments & Financial Services is going to be interesting.

Lobbyists turn to gun permits to skip lines at Capitol [Houston Chronicle, via Political Wire]

A real badass would just shoot his way into the capitol every fucking day, fuck the lines, the kids, the law, the fucking commie fuckers who want to fuck with my liberty. Shoot all the mutherfuckers and let god shit on their faces and send them to fucking hell where they belong. Don’t these fucking people care about freedom?

Seems like a perfect spot for this two minutes of insanity:

Wouldn’t It Be Great if Everybody Had a Gun?

Texas, the biggest cartoon of the US. I can’t wait to see if it prevails in Bill Maher’s Stupidest State tournament.

One thing I couldn’t figure out from the article: if you’ve got a permit and are carrying, do you still get searched or do they wave you through? One could bring an awful lot of “hardware” along if the latter’s the case…


how about gloves for your feet?

these are just about the coolest thing ever

may not wear another pair of shoes until it snows.

@Dave H: See, it doens’t help if everyone has a gun. Everyone has to be actively shooting all the time. Then America has a chance at freedom.

@al2o3cr: I had the same question, and read it again to confirm:

Texans licensed to carry concealed handguns do not have to pass through Capitol security because they have been “trained, vetted and passed a criminal background check and are legally authorized by state law to carry a concealed weapon,” DPS spokeswoman Tele Mange said.

Basically the same procedure as getting a grownup to buy you beer at the 7-11.

@nojo: I believe that cat what shot all them people in England was a licensed gun owner. He used a .22 and a shotgun. Guns are not banned in England as is commonly believed, but they are heavily regulated.


@al2o3cr: Looks like they’ll just waive you in, so you could be packing an RPG and a landmine. In New Mexico, the concealed weapon permit clearly states what calibers and types of pistols you are licensed to carry, i.e., a .357 magnum revolver or a 9 mm semi-auto pistol, or both. It’s a violation of the law to carry higher calibers such as a .44 or a .45, although one could carry a smaller caliber than one is licensed for, such as the now-trendy .380 auto pistol.

still unanswered question:
many countries have many many more guns per capita than usamericans. (i’m looking at you, canada and israel) yet they don’t shoot EACH OTHER. wtf is wrong? americans are just that fucking retarded?
i just don’t get it. maybe warren zevon knows. what kind of matrix is this?

i also don’t get confessions, even if the cop is kyra sedgwick.
saw the best confession last night on “48 hours”
it seems the interrogated suspect did indeed shoot the guy at the ATM.
but it was an accident. he shot him by accident…TWICE.
why do people end up confessing anyway. (see above:fucking retarded) were i to find myself in this predicament, one word only would leave my lips, “lawyer!”

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