Your Moment of Cute

Commenter baked has a new puppy, Bella:


Puppeh! Puuppppeeeeeehhhhh! Nom nom nom!
Thanks Bloggie for posting

So, Baked, what’s the plan?

Wait for the creature to add another 100 lbs and they pour beef gravy over RB’s gonads in the middle of the night and ring the dinner bell for your furry friend, here?

Oh dat cute widdle face!! Mazel tov to the new mommy!


200 lbs. /barbeque sauce.
and then taking her to a neo-natzi rally.
and wear a big star of david around my neck. seig heil THIS mofo !!!

@SanFranLefty: @Mistress Cynica:
#1 rule: you must rest when they sleep……
A&E hoarders marathon!

correction: hoarders marathon is tomorrow.
if i see one more oily bird i’m gonna hurt myself.


Bella Abzug Or the Twilight character?

@SanFranLefty: Here at Stinque we are all about customer service.

@baked: That’s a very cute pupeeh. I tried luring the biscuits to an overseas future with the promise of a hound; Jr., who has honed his snark in four months, quipped “you get a dog, I’ll stay here with the cat”.

@Nabisco: NojoBro and I are proud inheritors of our father’s snark gene, which has provided no end of grief for our mother.

@baked: Make sure you expose her to kiddos and toddlers so that she doesn’t freak out around GSOb when he visits you…and I’d figure a bottle of barbecue sauce should motivate RB to spend more time with the puppeh.

Ach, I take a break for a few days and look at all the stuff that happens! Congrats on the furbaby, Baked!

that is a pretty cute puppy.

I expected more droopy. I guess that happens later?

done and done. i take her to the supermarket and children flock!

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: thank you tommie!!!

@Capt Howdy: isn’t she aDORable? there are a whole bunch of different mastiffs. she is a CANE CORSO. they aren’t quite as wrinkled and look less worried than the other ones.

what happened to the psycho who wanted visitation rights?

@Capt Howdy:

who’s the genius who came up with “docking” and “cropping” ???
someone said, i have a great idea!! let’s mutilate our dog! let’s cut off it’s ears and tail!! yeah!! great idea !!! and the sheeple followed.

Bella will NOT be mutilated.

@baked: who’s the genius who came up with “docking” and “cropping” ???
I’m guessing the Germans.

totally adorable. no more news from the loser.
Lucy on the other hand has been amazing. she has fit into my little pack more quickly and easily than I would have ever dared hope. she is smart and obedient has pretty much already learned the rules.

and she is a snuggler.

@baked: I think that started with fighting breeds, no? Less for an opponent to grab hold of. But now it’s fashion. Boxers are cropped in the US but not the UK, for example.

But I’m loving how she has already mastered the “Daddy, why do you make mommy unhappy by texting with sluts?” look.

@redmanlaw: I’m glad you said that. You’ve been laying brick all weekend (I’ll pause while class gets over the ‘laying pipe’ giggles) and bring an experienced eye to it. Had I remarked on it I would merely have seemed shallow.

@baked: @Mistress Cynica: I dunno what possible justification there can be for the earcropping, but a friend of mine (of German ancestry) explained to me that the tail-docking on hunting dogs had two benefits: prey were not alerted by a tail moving in tall grass (picking up burrs, etc.) and it is impossible (well, nearly) to poop on your tail stub and then distribute the same on your surroundings and companions. It occurs to me that cropping the ears may make it harder for prey to spot their doom sneaking up on them (because the head silhouette is altered). Another friend of mine had a cat who freaked out every time her husband wore a new hat. I was once privileged to witness two young cats of ours suddenly bolt from their favorite lounging place, the back of the sofa against the picture windowsill. I went to the window to investigate what had startled them. It was raining and in the next block to the west two Mormon missionaries under umbrellas were heading our way. I think what got to the cats were the umbrella-shaped heads of the creatures. I bolted because of their telltale costumes.

@lynnlightfoot: Cats hate Mormons? I did not know that.

With the hunting dachshunds the tail is bred to be strong so that you can grab it when the rest of the dog is down a hole and drag it out. It also comes in handy when the dog has happy dreams and wakes everyone by thumping it in bed.

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