Twelve Worst Cars Ever?

Messing around on the web and came upon this. Pretty much on board with all of the choices, but the editorial we disagrees with the choice of the Subaru SVX.  A former girlfriend had one, and we liked to tear around in it despite the funky windows and the absence of a manual transmission (they were auto only).

And how amusing is this?

The Edsel’s automatic transmission had push-button controls that were mounted on the steering wheel – many drivers ended up shifting gears while trying to honk the horn.

The 12 Worst Cars Ever Built [Globe and Mail]

The Aztek was one of the ugliest machines ever. My hatred for that vehicle is personal. Not because I was stupid enough to buy one, but because one nearly ended my life in 2004 when one driven by a female moron on a cell phone missed me by less than a foot during a long run (training for a half marathon.)

I chased that POS to a stop light where I yelled at said moron for the entire light complete with rude hand gestures.

Totally agree about The SVX. That was a cool car! Weird windows make it one of the worst ever? Horsepucky!

@oyster: Got out of law school in ’97, got a job, and went car shopping. Subaru dealer in MD had a red one, with the spoiler, sticker about 36 grand. I told them they had the proverbial pig in a poke – they’d be lucky if they got in the 20s … I said I’d pay 25 plus tax and tags. The salesman, then the manager, stuck to their guns. So I went and bought a ’97 SHO – best car I’ve ever owned. As far as I know, that SVX is still sitting there.

Subaru’s are study. If you don’t like the windows, you’re free to tear off the roof, throw in a roll cage with six-point restraints. You’ll be good to go.

I’m reading Doug Brinkley’s book about Ford, and still can’t figure out who in the world names their kid Edsel, let alone a car.

Noj’ and I have a shared affinity for the Pinto, although I’m pretty sure ours was from ’74.

@Nabisco: You read Halberstam’s The Reckoning? Fine history. Also useful to be able to quote the life and philosophy of Mazda when you’re talking to the Japanese press.

@Nabisco: My Pinto was post-explosion. Which these days is comparable to a post-self-accelerating Toyota, I guess.

Loved that car. Right up to the moment I totaled it.

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