Some of My Best Metaphors are Black

Peggy Noonan, in the course of explaining how a multinational oil company’s inability to safely drill a mile below the sea compares to a U.S. agency’s inability to safely construct levees around a major American city, slipped in a modern masterpiece of genteel racism Friday:

The president, in my view, continues to govern in a way that suggests he is chronically detached from the central and immediate concerns of his countrymen…

And now we have a videotape metaphor for all the public’s fears: that clip we see every day, on every news show, of the well gushing black oil into the Gulf of Mexico and toward our shore. You actually don’t get deadlier as a metaphor for the moment than that, the monster that lives deep beneath the sea.

And you actually don’t write something like that by accident, not when you’re celebrated for your political craftsmanship. It’s too bad we’re so distracted by crude racism these days that we can’t take a moment to appreciate the refined racism of a real pro at work.

He Was Supposed to Be Competent [WSJ]

Shorter Pegs: “Boogity! Boogity! Uppity Negras! Raygun!”

She’s the ad copy hack who thinks she writes poetry.

I’m just grateful this disaster did’t happen somewhere important. Like the Hamptons.

She forgot the part about the busloads of terrorists waiting outside of American cities for Obama to give the signal to kill all the white men and impregnate all the white women at gun point.

Life is so unfair. How come she gets paid so much to be incoherent while I toil here in obscurity?

Heading out to see the anti-SB1070 protest march to the capitol, which passes about a mile from my house. If we’re having a Stinque photo phest, I’ll post pix. Wish me luck. It’s fucking hot out there.

@Mistress Cynica: Where will they go? And what kind of life can they have?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Buena suerte. Don’t forget to bring your papers, since you’re not a blue-eyed blond.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I am on duty this weekend, so send me the photos, and I will post them:

@blogenfreude: There are also pictures of baked’s puppeh to post as well, on a lighter note…

@SanFranLefty: Indeed I will … and I wonder if Dennis Hopper managed to disinherit his wife before he kicked the bucket.

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