The Front Fell Off

From 1991, a taste of things to come. We’re not familiar with Australia’s Clarke and Dawe, a sorry situation we plan to rectify immediately.

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The “Protecting the Whale” episode from 1991 is equally a taste of the attitude we’re seeing from BP execs – which of course has been their attitude all along. They just haven’t been exhibiting it on TV until now.

@Dave H: If nothing else, at least we’ve been spared those BP Ugly Real People commercials for a few weeks now.

That’s hilarious. Never seen them before.

@nojo: Should never have real people in commercials. They’re too depressing. Don’t believe me? Go look in a mirror. I had to have my hair cut today. It got so bad I made the barber turn the chair around so I couldn’t see myself. I like to think I have a sense of humor but some things are just too sad to be funny.

Obama wants USSC to review Arizona’s employer sanctions bill. This one should be interesting because it’s a closer question (imho) than SB1070. So, if DOJ wants this one reviewed, they’re probably more likely to step into the ring over SB1070.

Clarke was brilliant in “The Games.” If you run across an opportunity to watch the series, I recommend it.

The cup is half full.

Think about it like this: all that oil was just like a prom queen locked in a subterranean dungeon by evil Poseidon. Now she’s free, spreading herself amongst the Gulf waters, waiting for some captain of industry to scoop up her sweet light crude virginity potential energy.

And the displaced fishermen, seafood restaurant workers and cabana boys can now be employed to scoop up the rich effluents, whether they manifest themselves as tarballs on the beach or slicks waiting for dispersants among the waters.

Either way, that viscous fluid is still what makes our iPads, Priuses, and 3,000-mile salads not only possible, but worthwhile. This must be viewed as a huge opportunity for the scavenger economy, and not a vile indictment of capitalism, much less of BP.

Indeed, BP is doing us a favor, it’s like they’re just throwing bales of money indiscriminately into the environment, it’s like a benevolent social experiment designed to see which species will profit and which will fail.

@Original Andrew: I bet Jethro would have this spill cleaned up in a jiffy. He’d just lasso all the oil with his rope belt and bam! it’d be a done deal.

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