I Left My Bleeding Heart in San Francisco

President Obama came to Ess Eff tonight to raise a shitload of money for Barbara Boxer at an event at the Fairmont Hotel. On a freakishly cold and rainy late May day, everyone turned out to stand on Mason Street to welcome Barry.

While the predictable tea-bagger/ “Obama is a Mooslem Hitler Man”/ Hands-off-my-Medicare crowd managed to get through bridges and tunnels to protest in Baghdad by the Bay, the protest brought out some of my favorites, including the only-in-SF (or perhaps Eugene/Portland/Seattle) protesters, including, I shit thee not, the cliched save the whales crowd.

Courtesy of Shaky Hand Productions, three minutes of a walk down Mason Street.


“What are you protesting?” “Whaddaya got?”

The whales are really worth saving; perhaps the only cognizant mammals who have any real investment in the game.

Other than that, it’s the usual protest of people who suddenly realize they can’t get something for nothing forever. It’s a big bummer.

Disappointing that an entire political “movement” can coalesce around the idea that we must do everything possible to maintain the status quot, whilst their legitimate grievances are deflected from exactly the oligarchs and their minions who oppress them so.

Dicentra Spectabilis. Very nice. Mine are on the way out. Then they’ll just sort of half-collapse and stare at the ground like people at a party who don’t know how to leave.

@Benedick: I’ve given two live interviews to BBC (radio) in the last two days on some enviro stuff I’m doing, each time noting to myself how much richer and more interesting their newsreaders’ accents are than my flat California baritone. But I’ll betcha my teeth are better.

@Dodgerblue: Don’t kid yourself, they’d give their foreskins to sound like you. The Beeb is now awash in what they’re calling the estuary (can that be right?) sound. You only find it interesting because it sounds exotic. They on the other hand know that they’ll never sound as butch as an American. If you don’t believe me buy them pizza. Then stand back and laugh as they eat it with knife and fork.

BBC 1: Cor this pizza’s brill.
BBC 2: Bona bona. Pass the HP sauce.
BBC 1: Cor this Coke’s all cold and frosty.
BBC 2: They keep them in the fridge.
BBC 1: Brill. They’ve got everything.
BBC 2: We’ll never catch up.
BBC 1: Fuck me. Me teeth feel out.

@Benedick: They aren’t circumcised? Is that related to the bad teeth?

What I found particularly exotic was the heavy Scots accent by the reporter on the story before my interview. Something about complaints about the National Health Service. Reminded me of that wonderful movie Out Of The Loop which featured very imaginative cursing by the Scots-accented advisor to the off-camera Tony Blair.

@Dodgerblue: This is recent with the Beeb. And a very good thing. They never allowed regionalisms.

Having just last week, in a very shocking development, recovered some of my family in Scotland I’ve been talking Scots with them. I love that sound. The OH can’t understand it. We had to put on the subtitles for In the Loop.

I think the fashion for the last 20 years or more has been to leave boys uncircumcised. This could be mere social control. Since they know there will be no employment for working-class lads they figured that if they left them intact it would give them something to play with when they grow up.

@Benedick: “That’s offensive on a number of levels in a very concise way . . .” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRC0qQ8zA-E&NR=1

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