“I Don’t Really Know How to Put This …”

First truthful public statement she’s ever made …

[ Media Matters Flash video not available. ]

What fucking planet does that woman live on and more importantly, Stinque fashionistas, WHAT THE FUCK is around her neck? A paper mache craft made by her retard son? Some ethnic Native People’s turquoise shit she picked up at the Las Vegas Airport?

Fuck the lies and insanity coming out of the mouth of Sarah “Drill Baby Drill” Palin that Obama is the tool of the oil industry, I am offended by her outfit. I want to know if all of her ghey stylists have abandoned her. That raggedy baggy black shirt (with the American pin hovering over her left tit, natch) is straight from Wal-Mart (I buy my black shirts at Target – that’s no Target shirt) and that necklace – gah!!!

ADD: Is it just me or are her ADHD/idiocy tics getting worse?

@SanFranLefty: At least the RNC knew how to select her clothes …

Someone needs to take a shit on her face.

Would someone paraphrase her comments? I am not watching anything with her in it.

BTW – “I’ve Seen that Movie, Too”. Reference to “Yellow Brick Road” song for previous post? Where’s my prize for catching it?

@SanFranLefty: Each piece of shitty turquoise is in the shape of a different state! It’s fun! Darling, you should be having a drink with me on this lovely evening instead of ranting about Talibunny…or at least ranting about her in person!

The last few months, I have noticed she is wearing multiple necklaces, with crucifixes, exactly what Madonna was doing around the end of the 80s, beginning of the 90s. I’m betting Madonna is big in her interior conception fo herself.

@redmanlaw: RML, I read some paraphrases and quotes, before I actually watched that video. When you read the words, that only gives you half of the retardedness, seriously. You have to watch her saying it, to see, beyond a doubt, that she simply has no idea what she is saying, she is just making the noises she has been told to make, she is completely ignorant, of what she is saying, it comes through, watch it, I know its painful, but you got to watch it to see whats so awful about her.

She is evil only half because of what she says, her true evil, is in the evident fact that she doesn’t even understand what she is saying.

@flippin eck: I just got done with my meetings, unfortunately, so no hijinks with you my dear.

ADD: So am I a bad person? I was just cc’ed on one of those stupid “Obama loves the Mooslems and hates Christians” emails a family member sent to like 100 people, which of course I went to snopes.com and it was listed as a recent myth to be debunked, so instead of just hitting reply, I hit reply-all and sent a link to the snopes article and a message saying “It’s not true” – is that a rude thing to do?

@Promnight: We’re all just waiting for Sarah to “pen” a book of kinky provocative sex-pose-ay photos. Betting that Madonna is big in her interior conception of herself is like saying fucking magnets work because of their oppositely-charged particles. Or something like that.

I thought I was immune to the bald-faced lying that politicians / celebrities / journalists commentators feel free to unleash upon the sadly unsuspecting populace, but that clip really blew me away.

She managed to imply that under a Bush administration, somehow the regulators would have more teeth re: the oil companies. Kudos to Sarah, I bet she succeeds with that meme.

@redmanlaw: Where’s my prize for catching it?

Your three AARP applications will soon be in the mail. After the third one arrives, you can go back to pretending they never existed.

@PedonatorUSA: It will be Sarah Palin’s Illustrated Bible featuring “favorite” Bible verses that “she” selected and that she has reenacted with provocative photos. Mary Magdalene indeed.


I got a Canada City version and I ripped it apart in a message to everyone on the list. I never got anymore of that bullshit.

Surprising for me – perhaps because I’m tired and watching the old-school version of Iron Chef from Japan right now – I didn’t rip it apart, I didn’t say anything negative or rude, I just said that it wasn’t true and that people should check snopes.com before forwarding emails that are “UNBELIEVABLE!!!11!!” in the subject line…

@SanFranLefty: No, it’s not rude.

Why don’t you send them some links about Obama’s War on Civil Liberties? Or links that demonstrate how Obama’s administration is so far from Socialism it isn’t even funny (as in, you have to laugh or you’d cry)? Ask them how they feel about the “socialist” presnident as an enabler of the oligarchy?

And ask them if they feel that any molecule floating about on Earth should be exempt from the capitalist moral imperative that everything can be owned.

That is exactly where the libtards fail, but I would argue that the libtards are absolutely no worse than the demtards. (Repubtards aren’t even worth mentioning.)

The true libertarians are at least consistent on the issue of civil liberties, though because of their fetish for private property they completely disregard any concept of the commons.

The Democrats, meanwhile, occasionally make pretty speeches about economic and social justice, while demonstrating over and over and over and over and over and over and over again that they are firmly committed to the corporatist crony capitalism agenda.

@SanFranLefty: If that’s rude then I’m completely hopeless, because I hit reply all and added a snopes link and a gentle message to not send “irresponsible” emails to a stupid forward from my own mother. And I understand the need to just chill out tonight rather than treking all over town, so I’ll just catch you next time!

@SanFranLefty: I send “debunked” links all the time … they don’t sink in, unfortunately. Facts, as Reagan said, are stupid things.

@SanFranLefty: Seriously, if its something that Snopes debunked, I think sending that debunking to everyone infected by the lying meme is not just acceptable, its morally mandatory. You cannot simply sit by and allow idiocy to go un-refuted. I use Snopes as a handy, useful, tool to show where the line is, on idiocy you just have to refute, because Snopes is, if anything, exceedingly right-leaning, to the point they are too fair. If Snopes calls it bullshit, with Snopes’ low threshold, I feel safe in offending everyone I know, if necessary.

Sometimes it just isn’t worth ripping it apart.

That time I was feeling my oats and had some time to kill. The person who sent it to me was furious with me after. Whatever.

Almost as bad as the conspiratorial black helo anti-semetic spam I got for a few weeks over a decade ago (that’s what I got for signing up for a conspiratorial mailing list–yes, I was an idiot.) That was the scariest/funniest crap I ever got. That was until I claimed I was a Jewish black man (Sammy Davis Jr!) and forwarded said screeds to the JDL.

@flippin eck: I’m resisting the urge to start reading the copy of Game Change that HomoFascist loaned me (clarification to others: I grabbed it off his coffee table and said “Oh my fucking God, can I take this and I’ll send it back?”) because I’m afraid I’ll end up staying awake until 4 am reading it.

@PedonatorUSA: Darling, I neither have the time nor the energy to barely acknowledge, let alone engage. Buy me a drink or four next week in Sandy Eggo (does Nojo’s HQ coffee shop have a liquor license?) and we can discuss then.

@SanFranLefty: I’ll buy you a few but you have to buy me a few more-er. I don’t feel safe speaking truth to power unless I’m drunk.

So my theory is that the oil spill is just another step in conditioning us to accept the totally unacceptable.

The lame excuses from the goobermint about how they don’t have the expertise to manage the response to the worst (human-caused) ecological disaster on record rings a bit false.

Reports from the beaches indicate that BP owns the local law enforcement in an effort to mitigate not the environmental disaster but the public perception of it.

Not surprising in the least, but still, where are the pitchforks and torches?

When, exactly, are US Americans going to realize the future is not quite as replete with cheap wide-screen teevees and happy motoring as usual and robot floor cleaners…as we once thought it would be?

@PedonatorUSA: Es all about the Loominatti wanting to reduce the Earth’s population to reduce the stress on the carrying capacity. I heard about it on Art Bell before they took him off because he got too close to the truth.

@Original Andrew: Though one could argue that the entire Teabagger “movement” is the communal expression of a fundamental frustration that you can’t go on forever getting something for nothing.

I just worry that the sentiment will inevitably overflow to every disenfranchised soccer mom and / or NASCAR daddy. Those folks tend to have guns tucked under the driver seats of their minivans.

When you can’t get something for nothing anymore, it seems logical to take something by force. Since giving something (i.e., taxes, for instance) would be unthinkable.

And demanding that those taxes support a social safety net at the cost of military adventurism is not even in the realm of consideration.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, Art Bell. But there is a truth to the underlying psychopathy: we have seriously overshot the capacity of the Earth to sustain us.

There will be a correction. There have been many such events, there will be many such events.

We’re already living in the midst of the greatest mass extinction event evah, in terms of species. It’s only a matter of time before we snuff out the little parasite or plankton that trips the whole thing over the edge.

Why do humans think they are so exceptional?

@PedonatorUSA: We’ll be someone else’s oil someday.

I quit watching that clip about halfway through to avoid seizures, so please forgive me if my Palining detracts from my analysis.

It’s so difficult to listen to either Palin’s or Wallace’s voice separately; gawdbless those who can get through a “conversation” between the two of them. Anyhow, I get the feeling she heard Wallace mention her prior relationship with oil companies and just recycled something she said back then without trying in any way to make it work in this situation.

As for the necklace, it looks like a cheap(er) knockoff of something I saw in Redbook magazine. There’s no way that’s not plastic.

@PedonatorUSA: Why do humans think they are so exceptional?

Because cats can’t be bothered to tell us the truth.

@redmanlaw: In that light, there really is no oil crisis.

Unless…how much oil can the carbonized bodies of 6-8 billion humans provide? We’re so much smaller than the dinosaurs.

What if the species that supplants us doesn’t have enough?

Breed! Breed! Breed!

@nojo: I was going to say religion. Or patriotism. Or team spirit.

@PedonatorUSA: Consciousness. Self-awareness has its consequences.

@nojo: Going to Ojai soon to cleanse my chakras. Just hope the mud drying on my body in the sauna makes a difference.

I expect it will, for about a day.

@PedonatorUSA: We were in Ojai last spring break. Had a great time seeing a friend of Mrs RML’s. I’d love to get a place with a grill and feed myself out of the farmer’s market there for a few days.

reds, i lurve ojai. we wanted to live there, but they required a down payment of my first born. i just read that reese witherspoon moved there, so i’m no longer disappointed.

the necklace is wilma flintstone’s! which is just so fittin.
a sublte cue to her drooling fans that she will take the country back to the stone age.

i want you to have my babies.

I think her model is Susan Lucci. She seems to think she’s ‘starring’ in One Wife to Beat. I’m not watching that. I already know I can’t stand her.

@PedonatorUSA: I think the insects are next. I have an uncommon admiration for ants. However, if mammalian evolution teaches us anything, the cockroaches will win.

i love ants too! i so admire the way hundreds and hundreds of them can co-operate on projects and carry them out without a discouraging word from any of them. a marvel. i hope there are no hard feelings from the menfolk here, who i adore, when i give you the shocking news that they are ALL FEMALE. they keep a few guys around in a pen for inseminating.
i just saw this the other day on natgeo.
guys, nervous?
also, la lucci has been embalmed for years.

ADD: it might have been the particular ants they were featuring that night, i don’t know. i had to add this so nojo can stop feverishly looking for male ants to make me wrong.

@baked: Why do you think they get on so well? There are none of those endless “My Blackberry is bigger than yours!” conversations which morph seamlessly into “My Sport team is bigger than yours,” which bring us to the “You wanna take this outside?” conversation and before you know it we’re in the middle of WWI.

Lucci really is about 3ft tall.

i just looked it up….the ants are indeed GIRLS.

@baked: I know. They keep the boys for the one thing they’re good at: fixing the garage door.

and they have a little tv in the pen so they can watch Sport.
i think i recall you mentioning that you re-route them outside rather than kill them. that’s what i do. i leave a trail of crumbs for them to march outside, like hansel and gretal. only there’s not a hansel among them. now all i need s a sewing machine……
founding Fathers? Clergy? our Military? no Vote?(before 5 minutes ago)
blow me. ants are smarter.

@PedonatorUSA: where are the pitchforks and torches?

The problem there is that there’s no convenient castle-with-vampire, no handy city full of heathens, no single target. Sure, you could say BP is a “single target,” but then you forget about Halliburton, and all the contractors BP employed to get that shit done. Even if you go after BP, there’s no single point in the amorphous cloud that you can safely focus on. No one person actually made the decision, at least not in any way we can pin down enough to be worth the torches and pitchforks. No one person made any of these mistakes. There’s no target. The corporation provides all the shield anyone needs to escape with a fat bank account and a grin on their face.

Even if you could get everyone to agree that BP is the target (which you never will, because of a huge mulitplicity of factors), you’d never get any serious traction going against them, because they’re “too big to fail,” or whatever obnoxious meme the people nominally in power would trot out to explain away the fact that killing BP (and, by extension, stopping us consuming all the world’s resources) would mean more change than anyone thinks they can handle.

Change is scary. It might mean I have to give up my Macbook or that guy over there might have to give up his SUV, or that woman over there might have to stop applying 17 ounces of makeup to her face every morning. Heaven forefend, we might have to stop living 50 miles from where we work, and commuting in heavy traffic, on person per car, each day!

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