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Good thing we didn’t study up before watching the Lost finale Sunday night, or we would have been very disappointed.

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Mr. SFL reports from home that there are tons of street closures, Muni bus delays (as opposed to every other day’s delays?), and other assorted clusterfucks in Ess Eff because Barry is in town for a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer. For the low-low price of a $27,600 donation to her campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Fund I could have gone to a VIP reception and had my picture taken with the two of them.

I wonder if noted SF cokehead/son of power Peter Getty will be there, but I’m sure that Mayor McDreamy will be.

Lost over Sunday
People watched it for six years
All very mad now


In all tarnation, my granpappy could buy a senator for a buffalo nickel.

@SanFranLefty: That 1905 Muni had no problem traveling from one end of Market to the other.

@nojo: I love that video. Hilarious watching the people almost get killed running in front of the streetcar (unlike today when it’s crackheads lurching into the path of a Muni bus).

Gar! Can’t watch on my luverly iPhone. And, yes, I’m still pissed. Good news on the job front: have two interviews lined up. One teaching English to college folk and another teaching SAT and LSAT classes to children from money. I have a feeling the English class would be more fun…

Oh, and the cute Lego piece I see instead of the video kinda makes my lack of flash okay.


Did somebody get a new communicator, hm? Or have you had it a while?

@JNOV: My kid’s English teacher’s last gig was teaching English at The Big House.

@JNOV: It’s only mildly amusing, so you’re not missing anything. But wait until you’re stuck beta-testing our Stupid Trick app.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Well, I might be working three different jobs. The English thing is an adjunct position that would pay the rent for one, maybe two months if I get two classes. I’m already thinking of themes for class and picking out books and essay topics and I am sooooo stoked!

The SAT/LSAT thing would be for a different company that shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. It would supplement the adjunct job, if I get it.

Job #3 would be substitute teaching! Yay! Actually, I think I’d dig subbing in unruly high school classes where the students try to torture the sub.

Hopefully I’ll get some sort of tenure track college gig in the future, but I am soooo happy to possibly get my foot in the door. I love to teach. That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve ever done that has thrilled me, although being a medic was also pretty cool.

@redmanlaw: Like prison? I could SO do that!

@nojo: Rut-roh. Do Not Want?

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Once I won my unemployment hearing in Feb. (yay!), and I had my phone turned back on (double yay!), I took Nojo’s advice and plopped down $99 for the basic iPhone. I’m still having battery issues, especially if I browse (Safari boo!), but I think it’s because stuff is being pushed that I don’t want pushed, even if I log out of the app. Like Yahoo. Blargh. I might just delete the app, because I seem to be signed in after I’ve signed out.

@nojo: Okay, as a pretty much die hard fan (I pooped out around season 3 but came back later) THAT’S ALL THE SHIT THE LYING DOUCHEBAG WRITERS WERE SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN. Fucking assholes.

Unrelated: can anybody explain why Nancy Grace is so fucking irritating? I’m stuck in the laundromat with her on the TV, and I can’t decide whether it’s her total lack of perspective (she’s still fucking talking about the RAMSEY kid, FFS – how many thousands more kids have been abducted/abused/killed in the subsequent 14 years?) or her constant harping on how we would all be safe if we could just pry a few more civil rights off the “perverts” (face tattoos are her latest idea!) as if most kids aren’t abducted/abused/killed by people they know.

I’m sure she’ll stay on the air right up until they day one of her “fans” decides to “avenge” a verdict she doesn’t like.

@al2o3cr: She irritated a woman so much that she killed herself. The woman is dangerous.


It’s kinda funny… I was flying quite a bit back then between 2001 and 2005-ish, and I never watched Lost because it started out with an horrific plane crash. It’s the same reason that I never watched 24: Season 1, Episode 1 = horrific plane crash. To this day, I usually can’t watch teevee shows that feature plane crashes.*

*I fully support an horrific plane crash on Brothers & Sisters provided that it leads directly to a Justin & Rebecca double funeral–gawdammit they’re aggravating.

@Original Andrew: Ever see the original episode of The Lone Gunman X-Files spinoff (March 2001)? Terrorist plot to have jet liner crash into the World Trade Center . . .


I never saw the Lone Gunmen; was it good?

I was pretty pissed about lots of, shall we say, unresolved plot threads within the X-Files and had quit watching the show several years before, around the time the first movie came out, I think.

@Original Andrew: Y’all are particular. I just want some Robert Conrad in leather pants.

@al2o3cr: I heard something fleetingly on teh radio about requiring sex offenders to have something special on their California ID/Driver’s License. Like a red-painted capital “A” on the forehead.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, that scenario was never ever contemplated by anyone. Nobody, much less the people who were paid to daydream about such situations, could have ever imagined such a thing.

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