Yeah yeah yeah … I’ve been meaning to join FreshDirect and order my water supply and a gross of white meat tuna (BumbleBee, natch):

The Prepper Movement [Asylum]

Tactical Bacon is where it’s at. Live through the zombie outbreak in style.

I have all that crap on hand, but that’s just how I roll anyway. I can’t even go fishing without being prepared to spend the night with a pack full of water, food, first aid kit, fire making supplies, TP .

You made me sit through that cunt wanking over his Irish Spring?

I deleted everything else that I just wrote as being too offensive to post here among friends.

@redmanlaw: Rice, beans, vegetable oil. All else is luxury. Coffee, that will be a valuable trade good, buy green beans, they keep.

Once we run through the cans of beans and the wine celler, I have enough painkillers to put Mr Cyn, the kittehs, and me out of our misery. I’ll let the brave carry on.

Wow, this guy is bringing a luxury diet to the apocalypse. A cellar full of rolled oats, tightly sealed against rodents and bugs and some ascorbic acid should see him through at least the first few years until he and the family get used to eating the dead. Fucking pussy.

@Mistress Cynica: Darling, darling, me too. I’d fall on my sword if I had one and it wasn’t so gross. The house will reek of bitter almond before I’m done. These last days fantasies are only attractive to naïfs who know nothing of suffering. Not that I do either but I remember well enough the acres of bombed out houses in the London of my childhood. The wreckage remained for years.

@Promnight: Fuck beans let’s talk Vodka. With just a hint of lime.

tj/Action by New Mexico GOP chair favors Palin-endorsed Hispanic woman in tight primary race with businessman/former party chair/ rich white guy.

The current state chair reviewed each side’s negative ads and issued a statement saying the guy’s ads were essentially dishonest. It’s week and a half to the primary. If Susanna Martinez wins, my candidiate Lt. Gov Diane Denish is going to have an uphill fight on her hands. Martinez already has a lot of support from other Hispanic women across the Democratic spectrum that I know who were huge Obama supporters.* She has the endorsements in the primary from the state’s three biggest papers. We might be fucked here in November if Martinez wins the primary a week from Tuesday.

* Again, the natives v. Mexicans thing comes into play.

My candidate is a fairly boring 90s vintage New Democrat (“working families and children, grow the economy” etc) whose uncle invented cable TV, so she’s rich as hell. Her plan was (a) to become governor if Bill Richardson got a gig in D.C. with the new administration, which didn’t happen because of the heavy-handed way he raised funds for his presidential campaign and nonprofit that were tied to awards of state contracts in an alleged “pay to play” scheme in which several people have been indicted and others including Richardson himself were investigated by a grand jury; or, (b) coast to the office this fall over a weak GOP candidate. She had the misfortune, however, to serve with Richardson who is now widely regarded as a shitty governor more interested in Washington than Santa Fe and in helping out people who were important to him than in effectively governing the state. She also won’t be able to hate Mexicans enough to win in this climate.

Apologies for ruining your morning coffee. As for myself, I like being up past midnight to get first crack at the blogs local papers online. Pus that, I was doing my timesheets and watching the Revolver “Golden Gods” awards for hard rock and metal on VH1. The late Ronnie James Dio picked his award up in person, a month before his death from stomach cancer when he was on chemo twice a week.

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