Famous Dead Baseball Player Caught Vandalizing Lawn Signs


Look, pal, we’re no stranger to shared names, but you might be more respectful of the one you’re pitching to the good citizens of Nevada.

Assemblyman Ty Cobb explains why he destroyed a Sheila Leslie campaign sign [MyNews4, via Political Wire]

If he’s pitching, who’s catching?

Oh wait – the teabaggers. :)

Just the kind of face that would improve markedly with a hot lunch.

In his defense, the original Ty Cobb was an arrogant asshole too.

That attack ad is slightly over the top, although well done. Vitter’s opponent should hire the people who made it.

Does anyone know where I can go to get a bunch of 3.5” floppy disks transferred to cds without paying through the nose? The local kinkos wanted $9.99 to burn the cds + $1 for every file transferred. That shit’s gonna add up fast.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Can’t you just do a drag and drop in Windows Explorer or whatever the Mac equivalent is? If you don’t have a 3.5 in floppy drive I bet the local public library has some machines of that vintage for public use.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Heard that he sharpened his spikes to do max damage in a slide.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I have a USB floppy drive somewhere in the geek closet, but I haven’t used it in years — don’t know whether the latest Mac system still recognizes them. And for Part II, I have a CD burner. (Most Macs should be able to burn internally as well.)

Plus, I see online that USB drives go for about twenty bucks. Can’t speak for the Dark Side, but if you have a Mac you can probably at least liberate the files, and likely burn them as well.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Yep, pick up a USB floppy drive and do it yourself. Mac and PC will both talk to the floppy happily, unless the floppies are from a weird non-computer system like a CNC mill or a theatrical light board or something (in which case the dd command on Mac or Linux, or rawrite.exe on PC is your friend).

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: It’s really easy to do. Did it myself. Bought a floppy drive at Best Buy, plugged it in the USB port on my iMac, put in a CD, dragged the files to it and burned it. It’ll actually take you less time than going to Kinkos and let you appreciate one more time how much Steve Jobs does for us and how much we must worship love him.

@Benedick: Speaking of which, I just now took advantage of the fact that I will briefly be stateside and dropped some cash on a refurbed MacBook that I hope to have in hand within days. No, it’s not an Air and no I didn’t go in for a iPhad (yet), but I’m really freakin tired of the Dull piece ‘o crap they gave me before I traveled and I’ve decided to go freestyle for the remainder with my own little machine.

Do you know how crappy the image and sound is on skype with the mic on my Dull? And do you know how completely dorky I look with audio cans on my ears when I try to dial in to the BiscuitStead? Tired o that shit.

This is probably the fourthfifth Mac to join the Nabisco household, so Ma is gonna hit the roof, but I can pretty much explain why we have each one of those. Well, if I gift one to my mom I will…

@Nabisco: Put it in a way a woman can understand: say it’s like shoes. You need the new Mac because of the way it makes your ass look in a tight black cocktail number. She’ll totally get it.

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