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Yet another thin-skinned Republican:

Tom Corbett, current Attorney General of the state of Pennsylvania and Gubernatorial Candidate, has subpoenaed Twitter to appear as a Grand Jury witness to “testify and give evidence regarding alleged violations of the laws of Pennsylvania”.

The subpoena orders Twitter to provide “any and all subscriber information” of the person(s) behind two accounts – @bfbarbie and @CasaBlancaPA – who have been anonymously criticizing the man on the popular micro-sharing service.

And what are the tweets that have so enraged the 60-year-old AG?

– “Is it wrong to mix campaign work with taxpayer business? Apparently not when Tom Corbett does it bonusgate #pagovrace” (tweetblog post)

– “Corbett erupts at campaign event; security tries to eject questioner #bonusgate #pagovrace” (tweetblog post)

– “Quiz! Who sputters with indignation over failure to recuse from cases involving contributors? #bonusgate #pagovrace” (tweetblog post)

You would think that a lawyer – the fucking AG ferchrissakes – would be aware of this clause in Pennsylvania’s constitution:

Section 7. Freedom of Press and Speech; Libels
The printing press shall be free to every person who may undertake to examine the proceeding of the Legislature or any branch of government, and no law shall ever be made to restrain the right thereof. The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable rights of man, and every citizen may freely speak, write and print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty. No conviction shall be had in any prosecution for the publication of papers relating to the official conduct of officers or men in public capacity, or to any other matter proper for public investigation or information, where the fact that such publication was not maliciously or negligently made shall be established to the satisfaction of the jury; and in all indictments for libels the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the facts, under the direction of the court, as in other cases.

Wasting taxpayer money hunting for his enemies … remind you of anyone?

JNOV, maybe you can start a campaign to recall this idiot, if PA law permits.

Attorney General Tom Corbett Subpoenas Twitter to Identify Anonymous Critics [Tech Crunch]

BTW Tom ThinSkin, how’s that “Healthcare Reform Repeal going?”

This is really astounding — Corbett isn’t even making a pretense of probable cause. Never mind a recall — can someone remove him for abuse of office?

Unrelated, except via shared douchyness:

Apparently, even the KKK thinks Fred is a freak. That’s gotta sting. :)


HAHA, men in white hoods covering their faces are distancing themselves from Phelps.

Why hasn’t he died, anyway?

@nojo: Can he be removed from office for not paying attention in CrimPro?

@al2o3cr: “Ku Klux Klan, LLC.” Easier to deduct the hoods that way.

@al2o3cr: “The Klan has not or ever will have . . .” The force of their repudiation is vitiated by their inability to write English. It’s pathetic, really. These poor dunces need an editor.

I tried to set up a twitter account about Corbett’s affinity for necrobestiality but there aren’t enough letters available in the namespace allowed for Twitter names. Dang.

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