Herstory on the March

You may not know that Team Sarah, which is kind enough to send us exclamation-laden emails on occasion, is a project of something called the Susan B. Anthony List. You also may not know about the SBA List’s mission statement:

Our organization is named after the suffragette Susan B. Anthony. Anthony was an outspoken critic of abortion, even calling abortion “child murder.” Although she is known for helping women win the right to vote, it is often untold in history that she and most early feminists were strongly pro-life.

Damned historians, always twisting the record and keeping a step ahead of the Texas Board of Education. How could we not have known that Susan B. Anthony was an outspoken critic of abortion?

Unless, of course, she wasn’t:

The bits of information circulating on the Web always cite “Marriage and Maternity,” an article in a newspaper owned for several years after the Civil War by Susan B. Anthony. In it, the writer deplores “the horrible crime of child-murder,” and signs it simply, “A.” Although no data exists that Anthony wrote it, or ever used that shorthand for herself, she is imagined to be its author. The anti-abortion forces also ignore the paragraph in which the anonymous author vigorously opposes “demanding a law for its suppression.” In other words, the article opposes the criminalization of abortion and was written by someone other than Anthony. Untold? Unproven.

Then again, the writers of that passage are only the editor of Anthony’s papers and the author of an Anthony biography. Clearly it’s a lamestream hatchet job, proven by their selection of another Anthony quote that the SBA List, Team Sarah, and Talibunny herself overlook:

“I dislike those who know so well what God wants them to do,” she said, “because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

So once again, we need to recast our favorite Annie Hall scene. In our latest version, it’s Susan B. Anthony stepping out from behind the lobby placard and telling the collected members of Team Sarah, “I heard what you were saying! You know nothing of my work!”

Sarah Palin is no Susan B. Anthony [WaPo, via Sully]

The Internets put an ad on this post from BiggerBras.com featuring a comely young woman in what I think is a crocheted bikini. “Shop Our Full Bust Bras and Swimsuits!”

Wait – aren’t a lot of the teabaggers on Team Sarah the same ones that insisted that Ron Paul had *absolutely* nothing to do with the seriously racist-ass crap he published in newsletter form for years? Awfully convenient for them to start attributing beliefs to a publication’s owner now…

@Dodgerblue: Me two, then the Progressive chick when I signed in. They know what I like …

@blogenfreude: No they don’t – now it’s Ben Fucking Stein.

“Favorite scene” in Annie Hall? There can be no such thing.

@Dodgerblue: Dear Ms. Full Bust Bra: Stop tormenting me. You know Google won’t let me click you.

@nojo: But you can go here, which I called up for scientific purposes only.

Just in case you were concerned that today’s schools aren’t producing geniuses:

A Viscoelasticity Index for Cheese Meltability Evaluation

I sometimes get into weird discussions on FB. This threadjack brought to you by sub-par yogurt.

You know, I’ve spilled about a zillion ones and zeroes blasting Sarah Palin for her stupidity–and for being an aggressively ignorant, hateful, nasty biznatch, in general–but I realized that as I’m desperately trying to scrape the last penny out of the jar to pay my grad school tuition, she’s made over $12 million dollars peddling mental trash to morons.

So who’s the smart one?

/much happier nooz/

Allow me to introduce you literary gals and gayz to your new favorite guilty pleasure:

Hot Guys Reading Books

@IanJ: Nice. You shepherding the patent application? Just got another ball snapped into our side of the court in an application that was filed in 2006 or so. A day at the beach reading the PTO guys blow lunch on themselves trying extend random brain farts from conference proceedings into prior art. Twits.

@FlyingChainSaw: Nah, just an interested bystander. Gotta figure out some way to measure the viscoelastic tensility of melted mozzarella, donchaknow.

@IanJ: Sure. Entire processed cheese product markets veritably hang in the balance. The old way of having a guy pestork a jar of Cheese Whiz and giving his opinion on its thickness and penetritrability are, of course, outmoded metrics.

@Original Andrew:
Maybe, but do you really think that Sarah will ever get what she wants? Probably not.

From what I’ve observed about her personality, she really wants money power and respect. She gots the money, but not the other two. She wants to show all them (and us) big city eelightist ivy league homo loving librul edumakated smarty pants that she’s better smurt and moar worthi of respekt than any1 else.

Only problem is that she don’t want to do to the actual work or thinking, cause it is hard.

@Dodgerblue: “I wear a size 42J” is one of the best product reviews I’ve ever read. Haiku-like.

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