Rep. Souder (R-IN) and his mistress made a little sex tape:

Hard to believe she was fucking that little troll.


He looks like a hedge hog. Maybe he put in big buck teeth and made purring noises when she rode him.

I’d fuck her probably, but he looks already fucked.

Rand Paul wins primary. I’m not planning on an election open thread, but anyone else is welcome to fire one up.

Pssst, Bloggie. Lost in the chorus.


BUT, it is so delicious, though, it does deserve its own post.

I wonder if they used condoms? Or did he knock her up and pay her off to have an abortion? That might raise the diaper score.

@SanFranLefty: TPM is reporting that they did it in Indiana state parks, which makes it more a question of “abuse of taxpayer resources” than betraying one’s “family values.”

@mulebreath: She appears to be an attractive young woman … he’d have to have an awful lot of power (which he doesn’t) to draw her in, in my opinion. TPM also reported that they were schtupping in state parks.

@blogenfreude: Which fortifies my thesis that he dressed like a hedge hog. She’d dress up like a ranger in crotchless pants and pull him out of the bushes squirming and purring and sit on his face.

Men and women, they will fuck, given the opportunity. I am always happy to engage in the schadenfruede, and to decry hypocrasy, but, read your Jung, hypocracy, according to him, is a natural condition of all of us. Yeah, I join in revelling at this turd’s disgrace, but I also know, I am being a douche.
@Mistress Cynica: I was wondering about that, its a wig, isn’t it? Its absurd.

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve enjoyed road head, on public roads, and I have schtupped in parks, I hope I wasn’t misusing public resources. I think I was using them particularly well.

@Mistress Cynica: It looks like leftover spaghetti that has been left to dry and spray painted brown.

@FlyingChainSaw: I don’t give them that much credit for imagination.

MSNBC sorta kinda calling PA for Sleestak, depending on some nuances.

Update: Screw the nuances, AP calls it.

@blogenfreude: I’ve schtupped in city parks (never a state park, that I can remember), and while trespassing on private property. Hell I’ve schtupped across the seat of a motorcycle parked in the middle of an Oklahoma highway…

…but I’ve never pontificated the family values schtick either. The turd is a hypocrite and the broad is a bimbo, any way you slice it.

@nojo: Local ABC affiliate not calling it yet.

@JNOV: Looks like Specter himself is ahead of ABC…

@nojo: Wha? He conceded? (I’m watching Frontline.)

Local ABC just called it for Sestak! Too bad he’ll lose in November.

@JNOV: Yes, Arlen signed off. The projections dealt with the remaining count in western PA.

Demrat wins Murtha’s seat, which means — hold on, checking with my producer — absolutely nothing.

@blogenfreude: @SanFranLefty: Really? I don’t know — lot’s of folks in Pennslytucky…

@nojo: Murtha was a worthless piece of shit.

@JNOV: True dat, and FSM knows Pennsyltucky sent the messy byproduct of anal sex to the Senate a couple times, but if the GOPer gets too tea-baggy, even the Main Liner Republicans who bitch about taxes will be embarrassed to vote for the R. Or maybe I’m forever a little optimistic about these things ever since Ann Richards got all the Republican women in Dallas and Houston to vote for her in 1990 after Claytie Williams was just too douchebaggy too many times.

@JNOV: Are you still watching Frontline? SO fucking depressing.

“Polls close” in Orygun! Scarequotes cuz it’s a mail ballot.

@blogenfreude: @SanFranLefty: He’s got slightly better odds against Toomey than Conway does against Paul, per Nate’s latest, but I’m mighty skeptical as to either’s likelihood of winning.

@SanFranLefty: Claytie forgot the Golden Rule: Don’t piss off the Junior League.
I know I’m a huge snob, but I can’t imagine the old money WASPs I grew up with rubbing shoulders with these tea party twits. According to a friend in Boston, Beacon Hill society was absolutely horrified when those dreadful tea party people showed up in their tacky costumes.

@Mistress Cynica: Egggzactly. So imagine the horrified response of the Philly bluebloods who view the Noo Yawk Societypagers as nouveau riche when they realize that the NASCAR fans and teabaggers’ candidate is up against Sleestak. They’ll either sit out or vote D. I think that some of them did that in the 2008 Presidential after Psychogeezer picked Talibunny as a running mate.

/One hopes.

wait a minute, unconfuse me. they’re too embarrassed to vote R and arlen is a D now? who can keep track. i have the flu, i’m very fuzzy.
all my news i’m getting here…can’t take it when i’m unable to scream and throw things.
you mentioned the other day how you’ll never forget/forgive him for the anita hill bashing.
how about the warren comission? total sleezeball.

@Mistress Cynica:
i lived on the main line in philly. need i say more? but i will anyway.
a neighbor came over to welcome us to the neighborhood with a blueberry pie. she saw the mezuzah on my front door and exclaimed, ooh, i knew a jew once! do you know her?
no, but i’ll ask around at the next meeting.
then her dog killed my cat. the dog was very racist.

so, what’s the outcome? no really, i’m reading stinque and playing video games only. poppit is my new fave.
he lost or what?

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