GOPer Involved in Illegal Strip Searches of Teen Girls

It’s a busy morning here at the Stinque Department of Lady-Bits, what with all the Congressional Republican sex-related stories breaking out.  We now move from the Hoosier State to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Jeffrey Perry, who is running in the Republican primary for Massachusetts’ 10th Congressional District, was involved in two cases in Wareham the mid-90s as a police sergeant in which young teen girls were inappropriately and illegally strip-searched, according to the Boston Globe.

In one case, Perry was the supervisor at the scene when an officer stuck his hand in a 14-year-old girl’s underwear and under her bra, ostensibly searching for drugs.

According to a civil complaint filed by the 14-year-old’s parents, the girl was with friends near a cranberry bog on May 22, 1991, when Wareham police officers pulled up, Perry among them.

One of the officers under Perry’s command asked the girl if she had any drugs. The officer, Scott Flanagan, then ordered her to unbutton her pants and threatened to arrest her.

“Flanagan then put his hand inside her underpants along her body,’’ the complaint says. He then ordered her to pull up her shirt until her breasts were exposed and turn around.’’ “This search was conducted in the glare of headlights and spotlights from the police cars,’’ the complaint states.

Perry “observed the strip search’’ but “did nothing to protect her,’’ the complaint states. No drugs were found.

In the other case:

On Dec. 31, 1992, Perry was the shift supervisor when Flanagan approached a 16-year-old girl behind a Tedeschi’s store and accused her of having marijuana. After she turned her pockets inside out, Flanagan ordered her to follow him behind a trash bin.

He told her to pull down her pants, lift up her shirt, and turn around, while he shone a light on her. Flanagan ordered her to pull down her underwear and turn around again. “He then said, ‘How do I know it’s not up there?’ ’’ the complaint says.

A civilian witness then intervened and demanded that Flanagan divulge his badge number. Flanagan stopped the search and let the girl go. Later that night, when Perry and Flanagan went to the girl’s house, Perry told her parents that officers had seen their daughter with a substance that looked like oregano on her shirt and that if it had been marijuana she could have gone to jail.

When the girl’s parents asked if officers had found marijuana, Perry said they had not. Perry, as he was headed out the door, said, “Oh, yeah, by the way, [she] pulled her pants down for us,’’ according to her parents’ sworn testimony. The parents said they interpreted the officers’ visit as an attempt to persuade them to keep quiet or risk having their daughter jailed.

Perry, now a state representative, was not charged in the cases, but the officer who searched the girls pleaded guilty to indecent assault and other charges and was sentenced to four years in prison. Perry was named as a defendant in civil cases brought by the girls’ parents against the Town of Wareham and the two officers. The cases were settled out of court, and Perry resigned from the police force.


I’m not usually a defender of the cops, but for every goofball like Perry, there are many like the cop in my town who pulled over a drunk driver around midnight last night, whereupon the passenger got out and began firing a weapon, wounding the cop and then running. Many helicopter passes later, the perp was cornered, a shootout ensued, and he is now in the jail ward. This, for a cop who was just doing his job, trying to keep drunks off of our streets.

just two days from now, May 20th, is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

These cops should have their pants searched with farm implements.

@Capt Howdy: Why let the weasels have all the fun? For extra credit through, the cops can be sodomized by scorched weasels once the victims are done rearranging their genitals with pitchforks.

@Capt Howdy: The woman who started that would prefer you forget…

@Dodgerblue: Agree, but then I read about how Detroit cops mugging for a reality show while executing a no-knock warrant on the wrong unit of a duplex shot in the neck a 7-year-old girl sleeping on the couch, resulting in her death, and I become a cynic again. And you wonder why news articles say “a police gun discharged” instead of “a police officer shot and killed the little girl.”

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