You’ll Have to Ask NojoBro About the Inside Joke

A Conservative’s Case for Sarah Palin’s Genius: “I think liberals and those in the mainstream media fear her. Sure, they openly say she has no chance of beating President Obama — if she even runs, that is; but, inside, they must fear that she could very well beat President Obama in a one-on-one match-up.” [Tony Lee/Atlantic]


Apparently the Atlantic hasn’t considered that people might be worried what the teabaggers would do should she *lose*. They’d be building IEDs as soon as they got back from cashing their Social Security checks. ;)

4. And she’s optimistic.

there is a fine line between optimistic and delusional

Somebody’s been drinking moose piss flavored kool aid. As for being a “frontier feminist”, Palin is closer to Carrie Nation than Susan B. Anthony.

I think this has to be an evolutionary adaptation to constantly being blamed for them:

Puppy and the Fart Machine

Who is this Sarah Palin he speaks of and is she related to the Sarah Palin everyone else knows?

I think this Tony Lee guy did the 2010 equivalent of the “Raygun and the Irancontra” Scandal sketch from SNL.

@ManchuCandidate: If that’s the one I’m thinking of — Hartman switches from Doddering Ronnie to Sharp Ronnie? — it’s one of the all-time greats.

Actually, I think I know what NojoMom thinks of this place.

p.s. Nice tattoo, Noje!

@flippin eck: Which is why NojoMom has yet to be told about it. NojoDad still hasn’t recovered from Nojo’s stewardship of the 1981 college-newspaper satire edition, which featured “Give me a fucking break” in every story.

(I’d say “NojoPop”, but that’s what happens when the bats get frisky.)

@flippin eck: I’m pretty sure that’s why RomeGirl goes by that name here in potty-mouthed Stinque-land – so her mother wouldn’t find her by her other nom de blog.

Make that a double inside joke: NojoMom is from Juneau, where they don’t grow up with that annoying Mat-Su Valleygirl accent.

Dear Tony and The Atlantic,

FYI, when you use the expression that someone wears something on their sleave (sic) the correct word is sleeve which doesn’t have an a.

The nuns who taught me spelling in elementary school would be very unhappy with you. Even Stinque’s spell checker caught it.

Wait. Whoa. The Atlantic as in The Atlantic Monthly? I am so confused right now.

@Dave H: They haven’t quite gotten the hang of editing their online content — check out who’s quoted here about “power.”

I tried to make a case for Sarah Palin’s genius, but ran out of matchsticks.

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