To the Batpoles!


Has noone followed the link to see the hot, “explicit” video of bat sex? There’s more to it than mere fellatio, these bats have discovered the nirvana, the holy grail of sex. The female bat fellates the male, while the male is, well, plugging her. Its simultaneous fellatio-coitus!

Also, now we know what Jeff Daniels has been doing with himself; doing the promotional intros to bat-fellatio videos.


the video is old news. I posted it around months ago.
as far as the offense? score one for the professionally offended.
the fastest growing professional group in the US

@redmanlaw: I loooovvvvveeeeee The Tick. My favorite bit of dialogue, Bat Manuel insults The Tick, with a witty comment, then says to Tick “No offense intended.” The Tick responds “None comprehended, mi amigo.”

@Capt Howdy: The offended are just a subgroup of the even larger group, The Victims, who, as the theory goes, find Empowerment by Embracing their Victimhood. It used to be called “passive aggressive,” but that was PO, pre-Oprah, since then, there has come the messiah, Oprah, who cast aside the old law, yay, the old law has been fulfilled, and she hath declared a new law, the law of self-pity and congratulatory whining.

@Prommie: Both live action and animation r cool.

@Prommie: The soundtrack for that clip was odd. You expect a typical bow-chicka-bow-wow, but find it’s the bow-now-now-now of a b-list action flick.

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