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This appears to tick every wingnut box there is:


Thank you for sharing. I’m surprised he didn’t introduce his husband Goober. He runs a catfish gutting business if I’m not mistaken.

Awfully convenient of him to “forget” to mention which party’s supporters likely are responsible for “busing in illegal immigrants” to work on megafarms…

10 extra points, though, for simultaneously invoking both anti-Mexican *and* anti-busing sentiment. :)

@al2o3cr: And I’m sure RML will tell us more about that over-under shotgun.

@al2o3cr: Also extra for Theme from Poderosa in the background.

@blogenfreude: It goes bang.

@Benedick: I have never understood why some double barrels are like that one and some side-by-side, but I’m sure he knows.

Did no one else notice the heartbreaking plea for help in that poor horse’s eyes?

@Benedick: Sport TJ: Here’s a headline that could get you interested in Sport: Nadal Tops Federer in Madrid. Hawt.

@Mistress Cynica: Nadal Tops Federer in Madrid. It’s still Sport. Of some kind. Plus funny re horsey. He’s saying, Just shoot me now.

@blogenfreude: He sure likes waving it around.

@Mistress Cynica: That horse knows that he’d have ended up in chili if he didn’t serve as that idiot’s prop.

I’m wondering how much he gets in federal subsidies every year.

@blogenfreude: Based on the shrouded front sight, I’m guessing that Peterson is carrying a not an over/under shotgun but a Marlin 336 in .30-30 caliber, a classic lever action deer rifle. It shares the iconic “Old West” look with the Winchester Model 94. The front sights on the Model 94 in the Gun Traders Guide I used for reference and the webz that I saw have a small unshrouded blade front sight

I have variation of the Marlin 336, a .30-30 cal. Model 36A I believe, that I got an elk with about 15 years ago. The front sight on mine was a simple blade that I upgraded to a fiber optic a few years ago. I carried it on my one day deer hunt last fall.

BTW, Ol’ Dale is violating on of the primary firearms safely rules by keeping his booger hook on the bang switch (en ingles: his finger is on the trigger).

WAIT WAIT WAIT – Did a frame by frame and got a better look at the lever. The Marlin has a sort of hump in front of the lever, while the Winchester 94 has more of a clean line there. Scratch my first guess. I’m calling it a Winchester now.

@redmanlaw: Scratch my first guess. I’m calling it a Winchester now. In keeping with the whole Poderosa theme. Who wants to bet they hired that gun and horse?

@Benedick: Were Hop Sing’s papers in order?


Re the trigger: like anybody on the crew would let this douche handle a loaded weapon. They probably superglued the firing pin before they handed it over, just to be sure. :)

On the other hand, it is a pretty clear indication that ol’ Dale doesn’t do a lot of shooting, Ponderosa soundtrack and horse notwithstanding.

Still sport, but I think Mistress Cynica may be wondering *what* sport. Although I don’t think we’ll see “Rekers tops rent-boy” as an event on ESPN anytime soon.

@redmanlaw: So why would I choose a side-by-side (which I would) over an over-under? What’s the difference – shooting something tall v. shooting something wide?

@blogenfreude: Although I have three shotguns, they’re all pump actions. I don’t know that much about either over-unders or side by sides or why one would choose one over the other. I think Ian J shoots skeet or clays, so he may have some insight on that.

What the fuck? This is Alabama, not fucking Montana. There is no open range for this faux cowboy to ride only the hilly piney woods of Alabama. He’d get his dumb ass flattened by a logging truck. A more appropriate stereotype for him to portray would be a big wheel pickup with decals and shit and a camo ballcap.

You tube comments were interesting. Some yahoo said this is what is needed “a guy with balls”. No.. we got plenty of asshats with balls, we need the ones with balls and brains to run them.

@iPrick: Shit, I should run for office there. I got four camo baseball caps*, 1 camo boonie hat, three lever action rifles and a red 4wd pick up truck with an NRA/Obama sticker on it. Thing is, I’d have to explain why I don’t shoo away the Mexicans who come over for cookouts or stay for visits or why I was a Mexican dude’s best man for his wedding. Then there’s the baby shower we threw for a Mexican couple, and the sale of a pair of Mrs RML’s pumps to a way stylish Mexican cat yesterday at the yard sale – glam for 50 cents. Oh, and why I drink more martinis and wine than beer.

*One each from the University of New Mexico I got at Wal-Mart here and from Texas Tech I got at a truck stop near Gallup, NM and two I got for sending in $4.95 for p and h to the maker of a camo shirt and cargo pants I got at KMart.

@redmanlaw: Well shit, lets get the campaign started! We got enough collective talent available here to put your gun totin’ liberal ass in office.

We might have to hide the drinking problem tho….

TJ/ Iowa douchebaggery: State agency won’t allow married same-sex couple to have both of their names on their child’s birth certificate. Assholes.

TJ/ Our friend Sarah was in Albuquerque today endorsing vendita (sell out) Hispanic gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez. Like Palin, ol’ Susana has a thing for teabaggers and oil companies.

@iPrick: Hide the Bombay, bring on the Bud Light. There goes all my work in lowering my profile over the past several years, though.

He’s demonstrating his GOP credentials by following Dick Cheney’s rules for gun safety.

@redmanlaw: Local jazz station is playing a solo-guitar Dio cover right now. I heart my local jazz station.

@nojo: “It rules! It rules!”

“Shut up, butt munch.”

@redmanlaw: I would have gone for Tenacious D, but you’re probably more on the mark.

So, I gotta say, first thing that whacked me upside the head about this video (aside from the painful in-out-zoom jump-cuts) was the nearly clenched fist around that trigger. What a moron.

Re over-under vs. side-by-side, I don’t have any hard facts, but I strongly suspect it’s a matter of style and taste. I’m sure each configuration has its advantages and disadvantages from a technical/construction point of view, but I suspect most people make that choice for the same reason you would: it looks right. I’ve never shot either, although a friend of mine had a really nice Italian over-under for a while.


i’m not listening to this fool…lalalalalalalala.

i managed to “wooden table” ruthie. but i think she’s gonna be fuzzy.
shoot me your email again… i am oh so grateful.
my daughter who i GAVE LIFE, is done with me on computer issues. she has pronounced me fucking retarded.

that was a depressing link. what. is. wrong. with. these. people?
that’s about as stupid as, “ok, you can get married, but you can’t live together.” they will never stop, will they? since it’s 3 a.m. ima gonna look up same sex marriage in other countries. a little pick me up. i already know israel’s policy (the gayest friendly place on earth!) you can’t actually get married there, but all you have to do is go to one of the MANY countries that permit it, and come back to israel to enjoy EVERY benefit under the law given to hetero marriages.

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