Alito on Bork

Do not know why I thought of this just now. Lying sack of shit:


Does anyone else hear the “new mail bing” at 1:40, or am I losing my mind?


I hear it too.

I was a little too young to really follow the Bork situation at the time, but the more I learn about him now the more he sounds like a prototype teabagger.

Bork was an authoritarian, and didn’t believe in individual human rights, the quote from Bork that killed him, was, from memory, he said that he does not believe there are any “rights that are inherent in man.” He flat out said that there are no “rights,” that what we call “rights” are just things the majority deems to allow the individual.

The lasting political effect of the Bork rejection was that the conservatives, ever the fucking whining crybabies, screamed and cried and stomped their feet, and insisted that “advise and consent” meant “rubberstamp the president’s choice,” and created this new term of approbation, “borking” a president’s candidate, and ever since, democrats have been afraid of being accused of “borking” some wingnut appointed by a republican president, while republicans of course remain free to bork at will, as its only a crime when practiced against a republican nominee.


republicans of course remain free to bork at will

…at least until they get caught in the stall and/or getting off the plane with the rent-boy. :)

Where’s that rimshot button when I need it?

@JNOV: @al2o3cr: Thank FSM!

I’m flipping out over this PC World article about FB. And I read about Zuckerberg on Wikipedia, and he’s really a little shit.

I dislike senate confirmation hearings simply because most senators have no fucking idea how to ask a question. One of these days, I’d like to see a nominee walk out in the middle of a speech/question to go to the bathroom. He’d probably be able to walk down the hall, drop a deuce and come back before the speech was over.

Also: The Alitos look like the most boring couple ever.

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