eBay Meets the Dark Side

We being here in Sandy Eggo, we only find ourselves thinking about illegal immigration when a political candidate takes the time to demagogue about it. The weather’s just too fucking nice here to break a sweat about undocumented Canadians taking the window seats in the coffeehouse.

Our casual disregard hasn’t stopped Meg Whitman, former CEO of an online garage-sale company whose name evokes a suspiciously Hispanic body of water, from running on the issue in her quest to be declared insane by spending $64 million on her race for California governator. Her television commercials and Web videos are now highlighting her dogged fight against foreigners who would dare mispopulate good American towns like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Bernardino, and Daly City.

But just in case you’re not entirely sure where she’s coming from, Meg just scored an important endorsement:

There is no disputing that Meg Whitman is the Republican the Democrats fear the most in this election. The unions and the Democratic donors invested in Attorney General Jerry Brown’s success have already started to run misleading ads attacking Meg Whitman. This is a clear admission on their part that Meg is the toughest Republican candidate for governor. The Democrats know that Meg can beat them in November, and, more importantly, they know she will put an end to the failed status quo in Sacramento as governor.

I encourage my fellow Republicans to vote for Meg Whitman. She is a woman of courage, a leader with conviction, a true fiscal conservative and champion of the values we hold dearest.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dick Cheney. Good luck this fall against Governor Moonbeam, Meg.

Dick Cheney: Whitman stronger Republican candidate [Orange County Register]

I think Spock Collector Plates are worth more than a Dick “Dick” Cheney endorsement.

From what I understand from folks I know in Cali is that Moonbeam (not as lib/wackie as advertised) ain’t much better, but tolerable than “Buy It NOW” Whitman.

Just what values does Dick Cheney hold “dearest”? The word “dearest” implies feeling, warm, positive feeling. I have seen no evidence of his feeling positive or warm (except in the sense “hot under the collar”) about anything.

Never mind she lurved them H1-B visas because American computer programmers are apparently *too lazy* to work for eBay.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s more like it. I’m particularly impressed by the delegate from Burkina Faso trying to eat his mic. Let me just say it once more: wire-hairs rule!

We’ve got a big ole primary here in PA tomorrow. I can’t wait to vote against Spector for Sestak, but my guberatorial pick (Hoeffel) is flailing in the polls. He’s got 11%. ::shrug:: I don’t know if I’ll still be here in November, but it looks like PA will have a R governor next year.

TJ/ What’s in the water in AZ? (Customary apologies to sane AZ residents.)

Critically ill Catholic woman Nun excommunicated after hospital provides a medically-necessary abortion to preserve the pregnant woman’s life.

@JNOV: Worse–the excommunication was for the nun and hospital administrator who green-lighted the abortion (although if the patient was Catholic too I’m sure they won’t neglect to excommunicate her at some point). Christ on a cracker, these people make the medieval crusaders look tolerant and balanced.

@JNOV: You didn’t know this rule? All Catholics know, if there is a crisis during birth or labor, and it comes down to saving mom or baby, Catholic doctrine mandates saving baby.

My Dad only told me when I was over 40 that this almost happened with me, I was a 4 pound breech-birth 7 weeks premature emergency ceasarian kinda guy, and my Dad finally told me, the doc asked him, “who should I save,” and my dad says he told the doc “I have five kids already.”

@JNOV: Who TF is “Hoeffel”? Does the AG have it in the bag? I worked with one of his staff who was pretty cool, and passed him in the corridor of our building once. He insisted on being called “the General”, which I always found laughable.

I’m of two minds about Sleestak. You want a real liberal representin the 215/610/717 and the 410, but there’s something a little stiff about him and I don’t know if he can whoop that pencil neck Toomey; you know the ‘baggers will come out for that race. Specter is more than past his sell-by date, but it is unfreakinbelievable that he got not just the AFL-CIO to back him, but also EGR. Cabinet meetings were notorious for the number of staffers who would keep themselves in stitches mimicking Arlen’s mumble.

@flippin eck: Whoops! Thanks for the clarification.

@Nabisco: Hoeffel is a leeeebural MontCo guy. He doesn’t stand a chance.

Can’t bring myself to vote for Arlen. Ever.

i have hated arlen my entire life. he was in OUR faces long before he nauseated a lot more people.

@JNOV: That’s not an AZ thing; it’s a Catholic thing. You can’t be a nun and be involved with an abortion. Here’s the bishop’s explanation about it, including his quotation of the Catholic health care directives that cover the situation.

@JNOV: Can’t bring myself to vote for Arlen. Ever. You and my mom should talk, because there would be absolutely nothing else you would agree on.

@baked: @Nabisco: @JNOV:

I will never forget his grilling of Anita Hill, as long as I live.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I worked for Mercy Healthcare West in a different state, and I know what it’s like to work within the Catholic church’s guidelines w/r/t healthcare and pregnant women, and I was involved with treating countless preemies. Let’s just say that I suspect someone squealed to the bishop about the abortion, for I highly doubt he reviews patient records or ethics committee meeting minutes.

I know people are heaping a lot of abuse on AZ, and, quite frankly, it’s justified. I’ve been to AZ a couple of times, and I like it there, but the people have elected inmates to run the asylum.

ADD – One name: Evan Mecham.

@SanFranLefty: EXACTLY!

@Nabisco: Okay. I’m afraid of BeeskoMom now.

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