Television Shows We’ve Managed to Avoid Watching for Twenty Years

That chung-chung thing can really get on one’s nerves.

NBC Cancels ‘Law & Order’ [NYT]

Ma Nabisco and I watched a couple of the first seasons of the original, and maybe one of SVU. They were only memorable for the bevy of beauties wearing tight outfits and carting handguns, we rarely made it through an episode without me remarking on the latest in fashionable sexy detective wear. Oh and I liked both Ice T and Belcher, as well as the guy who is now shilling War Bonds on The Pacific mini-series – but again, mainly because he bedded an awesome latina hottie on the show. Shallow? I don’t think so…

I started losing interest when Jill Hennessey left the show.

And stopped when Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) died.

Kah Kunk

My TV watching habits can be pretty shallow, too. Sometimes I watch a show I know I dislike only because of the actress.

Shallow pathetic male, I am.

@ManchuCandidate: Who would expect more from us, right? I just know that “Breaking Bad” has to be good because of some awesome writing and acting because there hasn’t been a “pretty face” in any of the five episodes or so I’ve seen so far.

jerry orbach ! i’m not over it yet.
i loved the show. it was so satisfying to see the detectives find the perp and the prosecutors put him in jail. in an hour! 150% unlike real life.

@baked: He was what held the show together, in my opinion.

Across Amsterdam Avenue from my building you will find the National Bank Building (now Apple Bank). L&O shot a lot of scenes there – magnificent high ceiling, teller cages, gloomy … the real deal. The back offices were recently turned into condos – they sold for up to 8 mil, but thankfully the old bank is intact.

Chez Cynica is in mourning. And theatre actors must be in a total panic. How will they pay the rent without L&O to fall back on? Insult to injury: They’re going to produce Law & Order: Los Angeles. Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew.
BTW, my L&O Dream Team: Lennie, Logan, Van Buren, Jill, McCoy, and Adam Schiff.

@Mistress Cynica: Never hired me so fuck ’em. Though I do know a sem-regular ‘judge’.

I guess they’re retooling for LA like everyone else.

@Mistress Cynica: Great mourning here at Chez SFL. I have watched so many L&Os that I can generally tell you which episode it is just by the first two minutes. And when I was going insane studying for the bar exam, I would take breaks in the evening to watch marathons of L&O and make a point of pointing out every mistake of the rules of evidence and criminal procedure that were made in the show.

And yes, my dream team. Though I did love the eye candy that was Benjamin Bratt.

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: I came to it a bit late, so mine is Briscoe, Green (Jesse L. Martin – talk about eye candy), Van Buren, McCoy, Carmichael (a much better conservative foil to McCoy than Fred Thompson), and Lewin (the inestimable Dianne Wiest), aka Season 11.

@mellbell: Jesse L. Martin, yum yum yum!

And Dianne Wiest, I forgot about her – she was terrific.

Seasons 10-12 were the best ones.

And this means no more of Fran Leibowitz’s occasional appearances as a judge…

Just checking in. Been up since 5:30 doing yard sale shit, took a load to Goodwill, and some crap from Mrs RML’s mom’s to the dump. After two hours of house cleaning to death metal (really – they had a tribute to the band Death on the Sirius metal channel), the place looks ok. Mrs RML and Son are over working on a school project with a kid and a mom that even Mrs RML thinks is fucking overboard on involvement with her kid’s work. I got a tank of martinis chillin’ for later.

The neighborhood grocery store is unloading its Tanqueray 10 in a shopping cart by the door. Guess it never caught on here. ‘Catt will never come to these philistine lands, I can tell you that now.

Wow – Slipknot sounds a lot like Sepeltura on “Surfacing”. Huh.

Mrs RML’s cousin gave us a martini shaker made of “pewter” from Turkmenistan, per the stamp on the label. I’m just wondering how much lead that thing contains.

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