Oh, Sure, Blame the Spider

“A tourist’s holiday skinny dip turned sour after he was reportedly bitten on the penis by a venomous spider. The 22-year-old Canadian fell asleep in the sand dunes after swimming nude at a beach in New Zealand’s far north. He woke to find his penis swollen and painful, with a bite mark on the shaft.” [Sydney Morning Herald, via CheapBoy]


Just imagine what would happen if he fell asleep naked at the GOP National Convention.

Some pictures of this naked 22 year old Canadian would be helpful…

Canadian Tourist
Sat on a towel,
Exposing his curds and whey;
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside him
And bit down and inflamed his whey.

In related not-Australian news, I’m happy to see Rhys Darby making some change pitching for… um… IBM? Whatever.

@nojo: HP? I’m pretty sure it’s HP.

Clicking on this post made the not-msnbc ad change from girl in pretty, pretty dress to cockroaches.

@mellbell: I think you’re right. But it shows what they taught me in J-school advertising class decades ago: If you don’t make the brand the star, you’re in trouble.

Wait, are they sure it was a spider? Where is cheapboy lately anyway?

Wait, Canadians have penises? I did not know that.

Wait, was this Canadian just hired to carry somebody’s bags?

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Wasn’t me. I’ve had a change, so to speak. Would be lipstick marks not a bite mark. :)

@CheapBoy: Great. Now I have to redo the demographics for the advertisers.

@CheapGirl: There really should be a Hallmark Card for the occasion; until then: You Go!

(Sorry, a bit Nagel-ish and not to my taste, but I spent a whole 2 minutes googling for something appropriate, just to let you know how much I care :-)

Thanks folks. But not had the re-assignment surgery. Just realised that I’m not a male, and wishing I had more hair.

And looking at shoes in shop windows is now a joy rather than a chore.

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