Revenge of the PUMAs

“In both speeches, Palin cited President Ronald Reagan as a driving influence in her life and political career, drawing great attention to the fact Reagan was born and educated in Illinois — the state in which we believe Palin will officially launch her 2012 presidential bid on February 6th, 2011… Reagan’s 100th birthday.” [Conservatives4Palin, via Political Wire]


Iowa observers have been saying that she is the front runner there for the 2012 caucuses since even before the 2008 general election. Her brand of horseshit sells pretty well to the overalls set as well as to the Christian right psychos.

Her poll numbers in February of this year looked like hell (70 percent say STFU and GTFO) , but I’m sure the corporate media will be sure to continue to ram her down our throats as a viable candidate with a message for the Junior Samples of the world.

Check this out. It’s video of this morning’s plenary session at the ABA’s Equal Justice Conference here in Phoenix. You can clearly hear protesters in the hallway outside.

And with her new ‘book’ Palin manages to quit halfway through herself.

Just one more reason I’ll never be able to take Palin seriously:

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I guess it was too late for the ABA to move their conference out of Arpaio-Land like the NLADA and Black Lawyers’ Association?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:

Do they mean “Equal Justice” in an ironic, Aryanzona way?

I really hope she runs in 2012 — not because I care much about which group of thoroughly corrupt corporatists captures or retains the White House, but just for the theater of it!


Everyday will be a new public relations disaster. Her various shills and flaks will have to be hospitalized weekly for dehydration and exhaustion. Sounds like a hoot!

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I don’t need one, but they keep throwing themselves at me, regardless.

You left a word out, its “The Revenge Fantasy” of the PUMAs.

@Original Andrew: Flanders, is that you? Actually, when you think about it, she is a kinda stupid version of Ned Flanders.

@Prommie: Flanders is actually a kind and decent, albeit fictional, person. Nutsie Barbie is a lobotomized piranha.

Flanders has far hawtter abs, also.

@Original Andrew: Whereas Palin is a vindictive and jealous, albeit fictional, person.


she always reminded me more of the bitchy preachers wife.

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