And Your Little Dog, Too

“In the changing media landscape… Little Orphan Annie has run into adversity not even she could overcome. The sun will come out tomorrow, but the tomorrow after June 13 will be the first in generations to dawn without ‘Annie’ appearing in a daily newspaper.” [Chicago Tribune]


It’s about time that freaky bitch went down. Get some fucking PUPILS!

The sun won’t come out for you tomorrow Annie and your creepy no eyed dog, too.

@blogenfreude: Wait until RomeGirl catches wind of the insurrection. She owes her childhood to pupil-deprived comic-strip characters.

I guess it’s the whole “Saved by the Rich” thing that bothers me. Plus no pupils.

Hopefully they’ll let her go out a hero by

A) Throwing herself on a bomb to prevent The Next 9/11® (dumFux Nooz Theatre Presents!)


B) Jumping out of the helicopter to save Daddy Warbuck$ ’cause there’s too much weight for takeoff and he’s about to be mauled by a rioting horde of foreclosed Newly Poors who invested in his Ponzi scheme (aka the US “economy”).

Guard: “Sir, the piss-ons are revolting!”

Daddy Warbuck$: “Tell me something I don’t know!”

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