Stinque Recipe Challenge

Last night’s shrimp mornay was good – not as good as I’d remembered, but good.

Not nearly as many ingredients as the beef bourguignon.

Julia has the sauce recipe but no real instructions on how to cook the shrimp before you put them in the sauce and gratiné the top.  So I just fried them off in butter and drained the fat.

I wanted to use gulf coast shrimp, but all Fairway had were shrimp from Indonesia.

I browned the tops using the broiler in the bottom of my oven – I don’t know why they came out uneven – too brown where brown and not enough on the edges.


I know why you wanted Gulf coast shrimp. It comes with its own oil.

Ba Zing?

Yeah, it might have been better to boil the shrimp till they’re barely cooked.

As far as the browning, I would guess that you had the food too close to the flame.

Try it again with those two adjustments and I think you’ll find it more delicious.

@karen marie: no choice as to distance from flame – it’s one of those bottom-of-the-oven broilers. But whatever – the result was delicious, AND, just like a real chef, I repurposed the leftover shrimp and sauce into an onion, swiss cheese, and shrimp omelette for breakfast. So good ….

@blogenfreude: Mmmmm!

These food threads are great. I’ve been making myself omelets all this last week. This morning’s I filled with Friendship farmer cheese, which is also great on a toasted bagel!

@karen marie: My Nana made blintzes w/ farmer cheese – she taught me the recipe back in the late 70s, but I have to reconstruct it … will post when I get it right.

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