Here It Comes

Looks like the pick for the Supreme Court slot is coming in.  Tomorrow’s Headlines Today — Meet the Press head goon D. Gregory asked Atty. Gen. Holder about the pick, and he said, “soon, baby.”  And then Gregory asked Holder specifically about Elena Kagan — but nobody else, before moving on, quickly, to the shithead who tried to blow up his SUV in Times Square.

If you’re a degenerate gambler and near a bookie who takes bets on Supreme Court picks, if the odds are any better than even money, I’d put a fiver on her.  Just a guess.

ADD: Politico (via TPM) basically have the same thing, as of yesterdayish.  So this is one of two things — (1) Gregory parroting what Politico said, or (2) an actual, honest to God “thing.”  The way Holder responded tells me it’s quite possibly a real-thing.  He didn’t throw out the obligatory “if she’s the nominee” until after giving a spiel about who wonderful she is.  Also.


I have four words: Supreme Court Judge Judy.

At this point I really don’t care who it is – all I care about is that W is not making the choice. Obama’s pick will be middle of the road to mildly liberal. W’s picks are both disasters – ignorant white men with little practical experience.

@blogenfreude: Agree on all points. I’m not certain it’s Kagan, though she’s most likely.

@blogenfreude: They’re far worse than just ignorant and lacking in hands-on experience with reality. They’re smug and authoritarian. I’m afraid it’s “invincible ignorance” with them. We now have far too many Catholics making decisions that affect the sex that the Roman Catholic church despises.


She was dean of Hah-vahd Law School–that’s evidence enough.

@Original Andrew: Check. Enough monsters have been loosed from the place to make me wary. She gets huge points if she eats pussy, though.

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