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This is a jellyfish. It lives in the sea. It’s not like all the other jellyfish. Its gonads are inside-out. The nice lady zoologist who discovered it says the gonads look like “skyscrapers in a downtown business district.” She named the jellyfish Csiromedusa medeopolis. It means “city of gonads.”

We want to be a zoologist when we grow up, so we can give jellyfish dirty names too.

“City of Gonads” Jellyfish Discovered [National Geographic]

I would have named it Gonadville, but that’s just my preference.

I want to be mayor so I can rename the city Schlongopolis.

Ob. Dead Milkmen bit. In true punk fashion, they can’t remember the words… :)

That jelly has some serious balls on him …

TJ/ I’m pleased to share that Mike Lee came in a close second in Utard!

Bridgewater – 37%
Lee – 36%
Bennett – 26%

What’s with the conventions for senatorial nominees business? Haven’t they heard of primaries?

@JNOV: Wha-wha-whaaaa? That fucking retard Mike Lee topped the first ballot.

Anyway, the procedure calls for a third ballot with the top two candidates. If neither polls 60 percent, then we’re off to the primary.

@Benedick: Heh. When I think of Lee, I think of England! Seriously, WTF is going on over there?

@nojo: Ahhhh. I’m surprised Utard has any kind of direct elections at all.

@JNOV: Bunch of retards. Mike Lee would fit right in.

@Benedick: He’s not fit to be dog-catcher in Gonadopolis, if you ask me. I heard that he actually expensed his new iFad to the campaign.

A thousand points of dick. That said, I must excuse myself.

Penitopia. Think about it.

@JNOV: Bird shit enemas! That guy is too hot for words. I want HIM on my lferaft. Think of England indeed.

@JNOV: As a last resort, Bear gives himself an enema with fetid water to keep himself hydrated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

After which he beats up the camera crew for not sharing their Evian.

Oh bloody hell. Just what we need.

Australia is trying to get tourists to come down here and visit, and now, aside from the jelly fish (and other wildlife) that will kill you, now there’s a bloody jelly fish that will fuck you.

Jeezus. What can we do? Feed the jellies to the sharks?

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