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In a message delivered today to Utah Republicans, Jim DeMint endorses Mike Lee. Mike Lee now fears all his friends will shun him.

Bennett out; GOP delegates reject 18-year Senate veteran [Salt Lake Tribune]

DeMint: Lee, de-lovely!

OT: anyone try to jailbreak their iphone? Today’s a day to fiddle with things, and that’s what I have my sights set on. First go was a no-go, did a full restore to the factory settings, screwing up my courage to have at it again.

@Nabisco: If you jailbreak your iPhone, you can’t be a beta tester for the stupid-trick app I’m (slowly) programming.

DeMint’s face is one that begs to be shat upon.

@FlyingChainSaw: You mean that’s the Before shot?

@nojo: So far all I’ve managed to do is update the OS version and the bootrom, both inadvertent actions as I recovered from the first Failbreak. And it means that I’m further removed from a successful hack than when I woke up this morning. All I really want is to be able to buy a local 3G SIM and use that in my Fon during my travels abroad, rather than give ATT more of my hemoglobin.

TJ/ 7.3 quake off Sumatra, early reports are tsunami warnings are purely local, unlikely to reach the teardrop isle, but Banda Aceh could get wet.

@Nabisco: You can’t use a local sim as-is?

Hmmm. Guess not.

Next week: DVD region codes!

@nojo: Hmm, you gave me an idea. Unlock, not jailbreak. I’m not interested in loading a bunch of 3rd party apps etc, I just want to add the Fon to my utility belt – which already includes not one, but two Blackberries.

As for the DVD codes, hasn’t been an issue so far. All of the “original copies” I’ve bought play mostly fine on my laptop (the bad ones are just bad copies), and the ones I’ve sent on to the homestead work just fine on our DVD player there.

@Nabisco: Brief googling suggested you can’t unlock AT&T without jailbreaking — looks a common problem no matter which carrier you start with.

@Nabisco: “quake off Sumatra”. There’s a phrase you don’t often see.

But let’s not get diverted by all this, admittedly fun, talk of jailbreaking our iPhones, people. Even if we do understand what that means. Let’s not forget what brought us here. Our hatred of all things Mike Lee. Perhaps now might be a good time to get it all out into the open and clear the air once and for all of our contempt for this pusillanimous pilchard. Makes perfect sense deMint would endorse him. I’m just counting the hours till Mike Lee’s baggage handler comes forward and tells us what we need to know.

@nojo: This is why I bought a GSM phone for cash a long long time ago. Have like 9 SIMs. All worked the moment I dropped them into the handset. The idea that Steve Jobs needs to take a piss on my face and charge me for a broken phone is just a little much to endure.

@FlyingChainSaw: I have one of those as well, but I admit it; I’m not looking for global telephony, I just want to be able to stream pron KCRW radio as if I were back home on my domestic ATT plan.

@Benedick: Bravo on the “pusillanimous pilchard” epithet.

“…Change in Washington really CAN begin in Utah.”

Well, the man might as well say “Babies can change their own diapers.”

Mike Lee is going down. I’m definitely going to Un-Friend him on FaceySpace.

@HugKennyLoggins: I guarantee you they will select the teagaggiest teabagger. The shit will float, and the one making the most insane promises will win. Sadly, most of the population of Utah will pull the lever against their own interests once again.

Hearing Olbermann say “Mike Lee” is really weirding me out.

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