Everybody in the World Has Seen His Penis

Have you met Spencer Elden? Nice kid. Works for Shepard Fairey, who did the Obama poster. Cute little dick. You might have seen it on an album cover.

Shepard Fairey Employs Nirvana’s Nevermind Baby [Mediabistro, via Kottke]

speaking of cute little dicks. this was really only a matter of time:

Suspicious Package: TSA Worker Jailed After Junk Joke

A TSA worker in Miami was arrested for aggravated battery after police say he attacked a colleague who’d made fun of his small genitalia after he walked through one of the new high-tech security scanners during a recent training session.

Hey, he’s a grower, not a show-er

Being a baby on a Nirvana cover is nothing. Courtney Love was on the back of ____ as a little girl (Surely Mr. SFL or Mr. Cyn can answer that trivia question), and look how she turned out.

I’m more concerned about this kid.

@Nabisco: Wheeties. Pam Anderson was on a box of Wheetitties.

The Poet Muses Upon the Nevermind Baby

by Tommmcatt

You might sing like La Divina,
Or cook so there is nothing finer,
Paint art of brilliant, supreme scope,
Or speechify on change and hope,
Illuminate existence and
Improve the lot of the common man.

But there’s a kind of fame t’will put you in a rut,
And you’ll never be known for anything but,
Though you strive, and pray, and become an a-lister,
When the whole world has seen your l’il pischer.

@Nabisco: AOXOMOXOA by the Dead. Even I know that one. Love had one fucked up childhood, that’s for sure.

@SanFranLefty: Really? I’ll have to dig my album out of the garage.

@SanFranLefty: ding ding ding.

@Dodgerblue: The train wreck as a young, hippie child.

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