Causes of the Sliver Crash

  • iPads arrived.
  • Brief rupture of the space-time continuum.
  • Stock-chart mixup with Rocky & Bullwinkle graphic.

  • BP drilling error.
  • Premature Existentialism.
  • Live-cat bounce.
  • Leaked Lost finale script.
  • Dry Max Pampers rash.
  • Radioactive Ant-Farm Keyboard.
  • Fucking magnets.
Markets Plunge, Then Stage a Rebound [NYT]

How NYSE Humans Saved P&G Shares [WSJ]


Apparently, the invisible hand is fat fingered and clumsy.

all I can say is thank god my typeos can not effect the stock market.

I thought it was because traders momentarily remembered our economy was still in the shitter.

Nojo, Jr is laughing his ass off at the Frisky Dingo reference. He’s about to explain it all to me. I only watch the show because of Xander’s dreamy eyes.

Fucking stock markets! How do they work?

@Benedick: It’s looking like you’ll have a lot more of Mike Lee to blame after this weekend.

@JNOV: Yes, that one was for us. The Fat-Fingered Trader inspired it.

@nojo: I think I’m going to have to watch the entire series from the beginning.

@JNOV: Welcome to You’re “Doom”!

And yes, I have the DVD.


Indeed. It’s a rare variation on most AdultSwim shows; instead of having zero continuity (see: Sealab blows up every episode) it makes a gag out of obsessive continuity. Seeing it from the beginning is a necessity, because “we were supposed to GET pickles” isn’t funny until about the 4th repeat. :)

@al2o3cr: On the other hand, the Frisky dudes did Sealab — which explains the final scene in the first season.

@al2o3cr: And now that I think of it, there’s video out there somewhere of a college prof hosting a panel discussion with the Aqua Teen team, and declaring their genius lack of continuity.

@nojo: They’ve got a new one out, I believe. I think I remember Jr babbling about it telling me about it while I was ignoring him doing something else.

Aqua Teen: Arise, chicken! Arise!

@JNOV: There’s a second season of Frisky, but it didn’t quite grab my attention. Next time I empty the coin jar, it’s going to Squidbillies.

@nojo: I think he was talking about a whole new cartoon.

@al2o3cr: Yeah. I keep tuning in to repeats of the same friggin’ episodes, and I’m like, “Wha?” I’m going to have a marathon this weekend, I guess.

@JNOV: Looks like one them of them slipped a series to FX when I wasn’t looking.

@nojo: THAT’S IT! Yup. I was like, “Hey — that looks like ‘Frisky Dingo'”. I think Jr’s been watching it — I’ll see if he wants to give a review when he wakes up he’s around.


The second Frisky season starts a little slow, but is worth watching for the Glenn Beck parody. That, and where else will you hear a character announce, “Commence Operation Meth Nazis!” :)

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