Sarah Palin, Demon Rino

California Demrats produce a Demon Sheep sequel, while Sarah Palin comes out for Carly:

Carly is the Commonsense Conservative that California needs and our country could sure use in these trying times. Most importantly, she’s running for the right reasons. She has an understanding that is sorely lacking in D.C. She’s not a career politician. She’s a businesswoman who has run a major corporation. She knows how to really incentivize job creation.

Thousands of HP employees might dispute that, but let’s see what the sheep themselves have to say:

  • Sorry Palin my vote is going for Chuck Devore, he’s the REAL conservative. I’m saddened you suport McCain vs the Tea party favorite and now Carly Fiorina ??? Again, I’m disappointed with your selection’s of moderates Mrs. Palin. I have your book and I have always supported you but I just don’t get why you are choosing moderates….. (Noah Christine Neil Saavedra)
  • I’m disappointed, Sarah. I like DeVore. Why do you not support him? And why did you support McCain after what his campaign did to you? This is where I become concerned with credibility. I still love ya but these two choices in endorsements give me pause. I do NOT like the cronyism. I believe Mr. Devore seems like the constitutional conservative. Where am I wrong? (Natalie Kirschner)
  • Did Sarah sell her endorsement? Did McCain called in some favors? She is too loyal to McCain and the McCainiettes. We don’t need more RINOs in the Senate. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t endorse the real conservative Devore. (Valerie Royer)
  • Sarah, you are looking absolutely schizophrenic. Say one thing do another. Are you a Constitutional conservative or not? You cant support Fiorina/big business/talks good but a big business rino. I will not support anyone but Chuck Devore. You are quickly losing credibility with your followers. McCain I could buy, only because of prior committments, Fiorina NOT!! (Norine Holland)
  • BIG MISTAKE SARAH…the true conservative in the race is Chuck DeVore. It’s bad enough you feel you have to kiss MCain’s butt….but just because Carly worked for McCain, you shouldn’t endorse a RINO….Carly is a disaster and got fired when she got her “BIG JOB” the Packards of HP are campaigning for Chuck DeVORe. SHAME ON YOU SARAH (Jane Jamison)
  • Sarah…Carley Fiorina supports CAP N TRADE and the bank bailouts. What were you thinking? DeVore is the better choice. (David R. Schmidt)

And on, and on, and on. Talibunny’s supporters may be sheep, but they’re not all mindless.

Let’s shake it up in California! [Sarah Palin/Facebook]

Aren’t the teabaggers cute, the way they think the Republican party and big business are in any way different?

$tupid Teabagger$, $arah love$ Ca$h. I can’t make it any clearer than that.

TJ/Sport (look away Benedick!)

This was epic. To be honest this should happen more often. It’s not often that the Toronto Blue Jays cause the opposing team’s announcer to go insane. Usually it’s the Jays Fans who lose it.

Note to Bekc. This is what a mental breakdown caused by “enough is enough” looks like.

@ManchuCandidate: I feel like I just watched the beginning of Major League again. That sounded exactly like Harry Doyle.

@Tommcatt: I too continuously confuse Carly with Meg.

That said: Seven corporate jets? Because eight would be excessive?

And: Jobs jobs jobs!

The Easter Bonnet and pearls are just fucking classic classy.

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