Who Owns Exxon?

[Sarah Palin/Twitter]

You just can’t trust those Brits who run BP. Look what they did to Alan Turing.

Saint Reagan’s words echo in her Tweets. Truly she is the chosen one.

Isn’t there some cap on what BP can be forced to pay? $75M?

In Sarah’s mind, US America = Alaska. Thus Exxon is furrin.

@JNOV: Yes. I blogged on this the other day. It’s unlimited for cleanup costs, $75 MM for economic damages to fishing industry etc unless there’s a showing of gross negligence. Some Senators are woofing about raising the $75 MM to something in the billions; not clear this will work retroactively.

Whats beyond bizarre is that fertilizer run-off from all those ethanol-producing corn farms has made a large part of the Gulf of Mexico near the mississippi delta into something they call a “dead zone,” and all this oil is impacting the very same area, so it seems that no matter what you do, you fuck the Gulf of Mexico, whether you go ethanol, biodiesel, or you just drill baby drill.

I suppose she’s against tort reform, then?

is that Terrence or Phillip?

ask because this very morning I was talking to my good bud/coworker/occasional supervisor Terrence Masson who in spite of being a heavy hitter CG wise having written at least a couple of books on the subject will forever have everything else he does over shadowed by one thing noted near the bottom of the page:

-South Park: Developed the original CG animation technique and production pipeline with Producer David White to win the approval for the animated cable series. (details online at: http://www.spscriptorium.com/SPinfo/MakingOfSouthPark.htm#Beginnings )

and therefore having Terrence named after him.

link fixed

@Capt Howdy: The choices to start were Female, Male, 4th Grader, Kindergardner, and Canadian; so of course I picked Canadian in honor of Manchu.


@Capt Howdy: That’s truly impressive. I remember reading years ago that they set up South Park as a 2-D world in a 3-D environment because, well, it was just easier that way.

yes it was a process that emulated the original “jesus vs santa” process, (paper cutouts) which I hope we have all seen, because it was just not possible to do that for a weekly series.

I also know the producer David White. both old Digital Domain guys.

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