Nashville Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Being Dry

So we’ve got a major oil spill, a failed terrorist bombing, Leno bombing at the White House Correspondents Dinner, even Rent Boys terrorizing good Christians — what’s left?


Powerful thunderstorms across the Southeast over the weekend drenched the region with heavy rains and left at least 24 people dead in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi, including 10 people in the Nashville area. Though the rain tailed off late Sunday night here, runoff continued to pour into the Cumberland River, which crested at 51.8 feet on Monday evening.

By Tuesday morning, the water level had already fallen by a foot and was expected to fall by another 11 feet in the next 24 hours, according to Kris Mumford, a public information officer for the Nashville Metro Police Department.

The Grand Ole Opry is moving performances to dry ground, the first time they’ve closed since the 1975 Cumberland River flood. Even the exquistely named Gaylord Opryland Resort, home of a recent teabagger convention, was evacuated Saturday night and won’t reopen for several months.

Any other week, this would be the national news story, with network correspondents helicoptering in and bloggers debating whether global warming is to blame for the storms. But this week? Line forms at the rear, folks.

River Begins to Recede in Tennessee [NYT]

Flooded Nashville faces long recovery [CNN]


That’s a shame about the Grand Ole Opry, but Bud Adams and his soggy stadium can suck it.

The Astrodome may not have been much, but it never, ever flooded.

My fave place in Nashville? (Yes I’ve been there) The Loveless Motel.

Country singer comes out, Nashville gets flooded.

@redmanlaw: Coincidence? Or the work of God? Can we hear from Pat Robertson?

In rather more important news, the wisteria that escaped into the wild years ago and has swarmed all over the trees upstage right of the house is now blooming outside my study drooping hundreds of panicles of pale lilac. Me likey. So do the bees. And BTW, it seems that the hive die-off has reached scary proportions. And in case any of you are on a disco break and don’t quite get the relevance – almost everything we eat depends on bees to pollinate it. This could be a children’s book: The Day The Bees Died and There Were No More Apples for Heather’s Two Mommies.

@Benedick: Yes, colony collapse disorder, very serious and, it seems, mysterious (a friend wrote about it, gosh, nearly three years ago, and I haven’t heard of there being any breakthroughs in the interim).

@mellbell: 60% in the US this past winter. That includes the commercial guys who rent their hives all along the Hudson Valley to fertilize the apple crop. UK is denying it’s as bad there but Scotland reports similar die-offs. It seems that a catastrophe is looming and no one can figure out why. I can tell you that in the 10 years we’ve lived here in the Catskills we have seen catastrophic die-offs in bats (and I love bats), frogs (and the dogs love the little buggers), foxes, and now bees. Last summer the pear trees set fruit well but nothing else did. I’ll be curious to see what happens this year.

T/J: although I could weigh in on the disappearing bees, I feel compelled, in light of crap I’ve taken recently for bragging about a Scrabble win, to admit that SFL and Baked just kicked my big behind on rematch. SFL used a “J” late in the game and won going away.

I’ve been trying to get in touch w/ a couple cousins I have who live outside of Nashville – worried a bit.

@Benedick: A friend visiting here from western Oklahoma last summer was amazed by how many bees we had in the garden. They had none around.

All: re: bees, frogs, etc.

We are privileged to witness the beginning of yet another mass extinction event. This one brought on (mostly) by human hubris, the belief that we can extract and expel whatever the fuck we want from Mother Earth and into the atmosphere, oceans, and soil without serious consequences.

But don’t worry your pretty little heads, as long as our financial “industry” economy grows, it’s all good.

a facebook friend from high school just said to me, so i hear you’re pretty good at scrabble…..which freaked me out. stinque is my private retreat, where i can really be myself, i don’t want the people i talk about to see it. how could he know? we really can’t know who’s lurking, can we.
rich gendelman…show yourself!

@baked: perhaps he knows via the stepmonster?

@Dodgerblue: At first I thought your question to her belonged on the previous thread w/r/t uncut kawks.

the goyim are cut!

no, not possible. but there is major drama in that dept. as in, i’m never speaking to her or looking at her EVER for the rest of my life EVER.
i’m late for paw appt. tell you later what happened.

i finally saw a Q for the the first time and placed it…go look and say Fuck!

@baked: Its a good thing the goyim are cut; have you read The Tipping Point? Turns out that things like small, very small, differences in transmissibility can be the thing that makes a disease a problem, or a plague. AIDS not being a heterosexual epidemic in the US, I will bet, will someday be proven to be a result of the fact that most weiners, wangs, schwantzes, and schlongs in the US are cut. Apparently the slightly greater chance that the virus can pass through the thin epithelial surface of an uncut glans, as opposed to the leathery and unfeeling skin of a cut acorn, can make that much difference, that it is a tipping point as far as transmission.

@Prommie: Everything I’ve heard about why uncut males are more likely to harbor/transmit STIs has to do with the extra folds and creases of skin where bad things can hide out, not the nature of the skin’s surface. And I’m willing to place money on the fact that that circumcision has nothing to do with why YouEssAmerica has been spared the worst of the AIDS epidemic. It’s because we have money for treatment and we have condoms that men are willing to use, whereas much of the developing world does not. If circumcision had anything to do with it, shouldn’t AIDS rates be elevated in Europe too?

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