Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo

“Louisiana state Rep. Henry Burns (R) has introduced a bill in the Louisiana House that would allow churches to institute a ‘security plan’ enabling congregants with concealed weapons permits to carry guns into churches and temples.” [TPM]


Does it make me a bad person if I hope to see evangelicals exchanging fire over a disagreement over scripture?

You were born bad (takes one to know one).
I’m more concerned with how they handle trading real blood for the symbolic stuff in the rituals. Given the evangelical’s tendency toward “literal” interpretations of scripture, one can only hope it would become a trend.

Sorry to have to say this, but I think its just a fact of realpolitik that needs saying, this gun nut stuff is all reaction.

Most conservative hot-button issues are reaction, reactionary, in the true sense. There was no gun rights movement, until it arose as a reaction to the gun-control movement. There was no pro-life movement, until after Roe v. Wade. And if it weren’t for these two issues, there would be no popular base for “conservatism” and the GOP. These are the two issues that get the mouth-breathing pigfuckers out. They certainly have no stake in anything the GOP really is about.

We had gun control in this country, until the gun control movement riled the gun nuts. Concealed carry was highly regulated, everywhere in the US, until recently. Open-carry, in churches, schools, bars, this was considered ludicrous, long before the gun control movement. In reaction to the gun control movement, the nuts have now been able to dismantle the gun control laws that were in effect even before the gun control movement. In reaction to Roe v Wade, abortion, which state legislatures had been allowing, now, prompted by the pro-life movement, they have even the most progressive states enacting strange, ridiculous, Roe-skirting fetal rights laws. Its odd, and sad, but the gun control movement prompted a gun nut movement that moved things backward, so that now, we have these completely insane gun laws. Before Roe, they were not prosecuting pregnant women for taking drugs or drinking while pregnant, again, we are worse off.

Its just worth thinking about.

The sad thing is that the hoopla over these issues, has also resulted in the complete discrediting of the liberal economic issues that were the party’s, the liberal-progressive movement’s, core, central issues.

the conservatives have used the social issues to demonize every aspect of democratic, progressive politics, to the point that we now have poor, hopeless people, who have been totally fucked by the GOP’s economic policies (globalization, anti-labor, free trade, dismantling the FDR and LBJ efforts at economic justice) hating “liberals” more than they hate the conservatives that stole their jobs, livelihoods, their whole way of life, because they got them so blinded with pro-life and pro-gun hysteria.

@Promnight: @Promnight: Excuse me, but women were NOT “better off” before Roe v Wade. Abortion began to be outlawed around the time women started agitating for the vote. Those laws were enacted with the goal of controlling women. Where it was illegal, rich women could get a discreet “D&C” but young women, poor women — hell, middle class women — wound up mutilated or dead from attempted self-induced or back alley abortions. Or burdened by children they didn’t want/couldn’t afford. Do you remember the thalidomide scandal? It was national news when a woman who had been given thalidomide when she was pregnant went to Sweden to get an abortion after she was denied one in the US. As for some idea of more permissive — or at least passive — state legislators, as you no doubt know the precursor case to Roe was Griswold v. Connecticut, which arose because the CT state legislature outlawed the use of contraceptives. You might have a point on the gun thing, I don’t know. Yes, Roe has given the barefoot-and-pregnant brigades something to rally around, but it has given American women more control over their reproductive rights than they had ever had before.

@Mistress Cynica: And furthermore I just saw Outrage for the first time and it made me wonder where was all the fucking outrage that the new, and admittedly terrible, law in AZ has been generating when the congress of the united fucking states of america passed doma? And no that did not come as a reaction to diddly fucking squat. It came as a result of policy planners in the GOP. But I’m finding it hard to believe that such a clearly discriminatory piece of shit legislation could have been able to achieve a veto proof majority. And there was no outrage then. No fucking bounceyball teams threatening not to play fucking bounceyball then. And now we have to live through asshole states like OK passing outrageous laws to limit women’s lives and no motherfucking bounceyball teams are announcing boycotts about that. well fuck them.

We must not internalize the lessons of the masters and come to believe that it is our fault that we want to have decent lives.

@Promnight: I can’t let it pass:

…fucked by the GOP’s economic policies (globalization, anti-labor, free trade, dismantling the FDR and LBJ efforts at economic justice)…

This was not entirely the work of the GOP. They had plenty of help. From the DNC. Which one of those things was strenuously opposed by, for instance, St. Clinton or St. Gore?

And social “issues” are always negotiable in the pursuit of campaign donations bribes by both parties.

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve never understood the legal / moral argument that a parasite has more rights than it’s host.

We all love cuddly cutey babies of all flavors, but until they’re thrust into the world and breathe on their own, they are parasites.

@Promnight: And if it weren’t for these two issues, there would be no popular base for “conservatism” and the GOP.

Well, that and the Southern Strategy.

@Benedick: And no that did not come as a reaction to diddly fucking squat.

Neither did the Arizona law. Immigration-related violence there has significantly decreased over the years.

It ain’t populism. It’s all bigotry.

@Benedick: And there was no outrage then. No fucking bounceyball teams threatening not to play fucking bounceyball then.

Because the Democrats, as always, are playing their assigned role. You know, following the script. They are designated as the ever-rightward-shifting “Left”, the foil to the dastardly doings of the insane clown posse that is the Republican Right.

Um, have you considered the Democratic Party lately, like, since the days of Jimmy Carter?

(Or ever? This game is truly, indefensibly, but absolutely, about different cliques of insiders jockeying for position. Just like high school, but with catastrophic results! The Democrats and the Republicans are equally willing to sell out the electorate for a slice of bread. I’m just amazed that some who comment here continue to see the Democrats as some kind of virtuous Home Team, deserving our cheer leading pep. Yeah, Go Fighting Demrats! If you can’t do it nobody can!)

@PedonatorUSA: I’m just amazed that some who comment here continue to see the Democrats as some kind of virtuous Home Team, deserving our cheer leading pep.

Either I’m ignoring them, or I don’t see them. Perhaps it’s that the Obama Administration isn’t across-the-board awful, and deserves honest credit on occasion. (Just as much as it deserves condemnation for enjoying too much of the bounty bestowed upon it by its predecessor.)

And besides, Republicans are still more entertaining.

@PedonatorUSA: Of course, Saint Jimmy wasn’t afraid to reinstate draft registration to prove his nuts, or send choppers into the Iran desert to appease Koppel…

And Saint Lyndon… well, if only history stopped in 1965.

And Jack was more than happy to demagogue the Missile Gap, and Harry dropped the Bomb, and FDR tried to pack the Court…

And we already covered some of Woody’s sins this morning.

There’s no escaping it: Demrats were never pure. They’re just more sufferable than the alternative.

@nojo: But the Obama administration is across-the-board awful. Rahm, David Axelrod, Robert Gates, Geisner…the list goes on.

Yes, they occasionally deserve honest credit; so did W for, for instance, declaring a huge amount of water near Hawaii off-limits (for now) from rank exploitation.

A few relatively trivial good deeds do not make up for adopting most of the most heinous policies of the W administration regarding “terrorism”/police state establishment reinforcement and (perhaps yet to be seen, but so far) unwavering support of the global capitalist fuck-me-over status quo.

I’m totally willing to recognize Obama and his administration for their so-far (more than a year into it) minor accomplishments. I’m not willing to vote for him again, even if it means I vote for a hopeless third-party candidate. What we have seen so far is not Change.

And I’m not willing to lend my support to any political party. Political parties in our system are engineered to become fund-raising machines, wholly inattentive to the people who naively believe the Parties will serve their interests.

It only takes being fucked over once twice three times so many times over one can’t count on one’s fingers and toes to realize these fucks aren’t ever going to do anything fundamentally good for me.

FYI: Arizona Citizens Militia calls on Arizonans to celebrate “Cinco de Ammo” by asking everyone to purchase five boxes of ammunition on 5 May 2010.


“n the aftermath of the passing of the racist S.B. 1070 in Arizona, thousands of people took to the streets throughout the county in protest of the bill. Militias, white nationalists and anti-immigrant activists have chosen May 5, Cinco de Mayo, as their day of protest against immigrants. The neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) have at least one anti-immigrant protest rally planned for May 5.”

@nojo: Of course, Republitards are still more entertaining because of their public pronouncements of virtue compared to their public record of debauchery.

I believe the Democrats serve this dysfunction by being better at keeping their own lapses more under cover.

@redmanlaw: How many French invaders will the anti-immigrants find on the streets of Phoenix?

Damn, I so want France to invade us! Just to see the shit-storm.

@PedonatorUSA: Hoping to drank some Dos tomorrow with my Mexican buddy whose family is staying with us. They moved back from Cali this week. Resident Alien Dude felt totally shit on while passing through and staying in AZ over the weekend, despite two tours of Eye-Rak in the National Guard and a Purple Heart. “Fuck ’em,” I said. “Those KKKlowns aren’t half the American you are.”

My turkey hunting friend, a white ex-trucker in his 60s, and I were talking today about hunting, reloading, immigration and about how any cowboy in his neck of the woods could build a better device than Fisal or whoever. He said Hate Radio today was all about restricting immigration and a citizenship moratorium for Muslims. “But what kind of American would we be if we did that?” said my buddy, who served in the early days of the Vietnam War. I just remembered that his mom was English and he was born there when his dad was with the Air Force.

@redmanlaw: What kind of Americans would we be, indeed?


i saw everything i ever wanted to know about the klan in the hate fest i watched the other night. the aryan groups are joining forces and they are pretty smart for psychopaths. they have adopted the hot button of immigration to rally around. which is what hitler did. find the hot button issue, twist to your agenda, and voila’…..don’t think it can’t happen again. panicky usamericans are primed for their message.
and there are 50 dumbfucks to every sane one. odds ain’t good.
and now, a black illegal kenyan communist president with a cabinet full of joos are pushing them to a frenzy.
“to see the future, look to the past” —winston churchhill

@PedonatorUSA: Fuck Clinton, he is not a democrat, he and Gore co-founded the DLC, tell me something I don’t know.

@SanFranLefty: I never said women were better off. And I know the entire history, completely, and in detail, thank you. I said that the modern pro-life, fetishism of the fetus, fetus-worship, is a phenomenon which came into being as a reaction to Roe, and there are creepy elements to the pro-life fetus fetish which didn’t exist before Roe, and go way further than regulating lady-bits.

@nojo: Yessir, I left appeals to racism out of this particular analysis of US amurrican politics, thats the third leg of the corporate oligarchy’s grand distract, divide, and conquer strategy of demogoguery which has been astoundingly effective in keeping the fucking proles utterly without any class-consciousness and has them licking the hands that enslave them.

Thats what they got, thats what they use, and its been so completely effective its amazing. What does the GOP have, other than guns, fetuses, and hating browns of all shades of dark?

@Prommie: But how are we worse off for, as you said, “prosecuting” (don’t you mean persecuting, if anything?) women for drinking alcohol or taking drugs while pregnant? I mean, assuming a woman wants to carry a pregnancy to term, ought we not discourage things that we know are likely to harm the baby?

@mellbell: The belief system underlying those laws, it is based on this completely new idea that from the moment of conception a zygote is or should be considered a person, morally and under the law. This is a completely new belief, it has vast repercussions, and its not dying. Time will tell what it leads to, but it goes far beyond regulating lady bits. Where does it stop, do we start rounding up all pregnant women and putting them in protective custody for the good of the fetus?

Snowflake babies, that kind of complete batshit insanity, snowflake babies, these people who want to “rescue” the frozen fertilized eggs produced by fertility clinics. The prohibition of scientific experimentation on fetal tissue, that kind of batshit insane crap.

I have said it before, I am in favor of cloning humans, surgically or genetically rendering the cloned fetuses anancephalic at a very early stage, and then using the brainless fetal bodies to produce organs for transplant. I see no problem with it. And I see no moral objection to it that is not tied inextricably to post-Roe fetus worship philosophy.

@Prommie: It’s not about fetus worship. It’s about what happens when a woman who actually intends to carry a pregnancy to term endangers the physical and mental development and well-being of what will eventually become – and we are all certainly free to disagree as to when that happens – a person with full rights under the law. There are known consequences to drinking or using drugs while pregnant, and it would neither surprise nor concern me if, for example, in some states mothers-to-be who do so are ordered to enter substance abuse treatment programs. What would surprise me is if that happens with any frequency. If, to use an extreme example, a visibly pregnant woman is throwing back drinks at a bar or shooting up on a street corner, then whatever sort of theoretical enforcement exists might be brought to bear on her, but the pregnant woman who drinks or uses drugs at home, or even in public places where no one much cares – what’s ever going to stop her?

@PedonatorUSA: You would get a HUGE kick out of this Boondocks episode.

Blargh. Does anyone know how I can find legislative history without having access to Westlaw or Lexis?

@JNOV: Federal legislative history or state? You might be able to dig up some federal leg history on the LOC’s Thomas website.

@Mistress Cynica: Thanks! I’ve been rooting around there some.

@SanFranLefty: I was looking for PA. I wanted to check out the legislative history of fetal homicide victim laws — we have one here. The Federal one seems in response to the Lacey Peterson murder. It’s been so long since I took Crim, and I’m not sure if the Model Penal Code addresses the issue. I do remember some states having such laws, but I wanted to go back in time and see when, why and how these laws were constructed and their affect on Roe.


and that would include…promnightdumpsterbabies!

does no one care about the aryan nation? people…read Stones From the River, right prommie?. and you will see a parallel to what’s going on with today’s skinheads, to name one small faction. read their afraid. there are hundreds of thousands gathering, planning, and determined. and they’re winning political seats people. this is david duke squared.
i’m having a huge problem with our first amendment. there are limitations. i finally made peace with skokie…it was fucking WRONG.
they’re planning huge marches and parades mobilizing law enforcement, tax payer money, to protect them, us. WHY? why are people who recruit the growing hopeless americans to glorify death, murder, and extinction of anyone they deem not white enough, or god forbid! jewish.
the 6 hour show i watched opened with the 1999 shooting at a jewish nursery school in LA. gunned them down. little kids. the commander of the operation was horrified that they shot 700 rounds from automatic weapons and only got one fatality and one wounded. he quietly and sincerely bemoaned the fact that 500 toddlers weren’t all killed. in LA.
they should NOT be allowed to march. if anyone wants to argue the first, i’m waiting.
this is far more important than abortion rights. only because they will not be taken away. no way. the fear and hate growing in our country is spreading like the oil spill. these people are smart. watch them support pro-lifers next. idiot meet imbecile.
do you know in germany, and many other countries, it’s ILLEGAL to display the swastika? USfuckganistan thinks it’s just fine.

@baked: Read Trotsky, on what is fascism, we already have fascism here, these aryans and the rest, they are bringing the last nail, the institutionalized race hate, as opposed to sub rosa race hate.

of course i know trotsky…you and i have discussed trotsky. why do you think i’m raving?
i have made other living arrangements, but america is my hometown.
wherever i am, my heart and soul live in philadephia, new york city, and the jersey shores of absecon island.
my heart hurts for the country i love more than any other and always will.
i will always be an expat everywhere but there, and i am deeply sick over it. i’ll be joking about it tomorrow, but make no mistake, it’s only a coping mechanism. the last nail. how can we stand by and watch?
the fucking “experts” from the anti-defamation league are just monitoring and jerking off. cause they can’t fight the Law. i just may take this on as a cause. i’m not doing anything else important. this may send me out of la mancha.

@baked: “of course i know trotsky . . . ” from when he was doing stand up in the clubs.

thanks for that reds….i’m in a rare froth.
i think i have to go to open mike night on monday at the comedy club…been working some material. xoxo

going to roll a fattie and shake up a martini.
the next you see me, you’ll recognize the goofball you’ve come to know.

notice posted on clubhouse bulletin board…check it out.

@baked: Google up some Bill Hicks on the ewetubes and think away.

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