Tik Tok

Speaks for itself …



Of all the fucking songs that get stuck in my head during the work day, this abortion of music has been the worst in YEARS! Ugh. Oh Simpsons, why?

@homofascist: I like it, in a Lady Gaga sort of way … lots of stuff I would have dismissed earlier is sounding better now. Maybe it’s my advanced age.

@blogenfreude: Ooo, equating Ke$ha with Lady Gaga…you’re in trouble with Generalissimo now!

I never heard Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” until I watched the dudes in Afghanistan who did their own version of her video. I was getting ready to watch the Air Force Academy guys do “TikTok” when we had to roll and get Son of RML to his school dance. Glad to hear the mechanical man from the Oz books is getting his due.

Ke$ha = Lady Gaga??

Them be fighting words!

@blogenfreude: Interestingly I am I believe the only fag on the planet who does not think Lady Gaga is the Second Coming, only a business savvy mediocre talent with ho-hum songs who knows where her bread is buttered and how to hire the right people (Madonna 2.0, complete with fake/varying accent!). And I don’t even think Ke$ha is fit to fetch La Gaga’s coffee, so that is where she stands in my book.

Ugh, why was Times Square dude a brown brother from Pakistan? I was praying it wasn’t an Ay-rab.

And why can’t the Spurs beat the Immigrant-Haters? Those furriners Manu Ginolbi and Tony Parker better have their papers with them while they’re in PHX.

@SanFranLefty: We’ll have to see how it plays out, but the two previous incidents — Fort Hood and Captain Underpants — passed with little long-term racist paranoia. It might help that the President of the United States isn’t promising a new Crusade this time.

@nojo: And since I’m not hosting a late-night network talk show, I’ll mention here that the attempted Pakistani terrorist attack happened at the same moment the President was making a joke about Predator Drones.

This, to me, is proof that the Simpsons can make anything better.
That’s just stupid.

OACDS, did we review Shelley O’s dress at the WHCD? So, so gorgeous. I need it. Desperately. I wonder if she’d consider donating it to a worthy cause (i.e. me).

OK. I get it. This is a ‘spoof’ of those wonderful vids of the kids going through their schools, first forwards then backwards, right? I loved them. Who is this gaga person? And the other one? I have no clue about her, she, him, thing, it.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Shelley O was practically perfect at the WHCD. Great dress, great color. Loved the jewelry, too, but two huge bangles on one wrist and nothing on the other arm made her look lopsided. Didn’t her mother ever tell her to get completely ready, then stand in front of the mirror and take off one piece of jewelry?

@Mistress Cynica: I wasn’t a big fan of any of the jewelry Shelley O was wearing – the bangles, the earrings, and tell me that ginormous thing she had on her hand is not her wedding ring.

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: @mellbell: I can overlook the lopsided jewelry choices because I’m so happy she wore a beautiful dress that a) didn’t incorporate a weird length, a cardigan, or an awkward belt and b) was a stunning color that makes her glow.

@mellbell: Woah, speaking of cardis and awkward belts! Just makes it all the more exciting when she hits it out of the park, I guess.


Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Comon’ now, HF. We all know you put on “Telephone” at night and dance around in your tighty-whiteys. Nothing to be ashamed of.

@mellbell: Ugh. Every time I see her with one of those weightlifter belts on, I just want to yell at her to stop trying to make fetch happen.

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